NAD - NuX Mighty Plug Pro (MP-3)

Ordered yesterday, really happy to find out that I’ll miss the moment of frustration with missing iOS app, when the thing arrives on Tue :grinning:

Even if the Mighter Amp app didn’t get ported to iOS the NuX app for iOS is not lacking in any way, it’s a great headphone amp regardless of which app you use.
You’re gonna like it. :wink:

whoooooaaaa, Might Plug Pro is amaaaaaaaaaaazing!!! Just received it, played for a moment, and I’m completely taken aback by its features AND simplicity (I’m not sure why ever review on youtube says it’s more complicated than having no settings at all in Fender Micro). Now I wonder if I still need the Trio+ looper.


It plays nicely with GarageBand on my iPad. You can use the amp/cabs, Fx etc built in the MP3 pro or send a clean signal and use GarageBand for amp/effects.
For the price it’s one of the best practice amps out there.
I’m waiting delivery on a Mvave Bluetooth pedal board for use as a foot control for the MP3 (under $40 delivered). Amazing times!

I’ve been eyeballin’ the Ampero Press from Hotone, it’s meant to pair up with their own Midi footswitch which I’m pretty sure that the M-Vave is somehow related to.
Anyway, the Press is a passive volume/expression pedal that would work well with the C-Vave. They are about $100 but I might stake out the Amazon Warehouse and wait for a deal.

Interesting. I did not know that midi expression pedal were that expensive. It adds up to the cost of the m-vave footswitch.

There are many (cheaper) pedals that also work well with m-VAVE . The m-audio works well and first search was $45 aud. Probably cheaper around.

Here’s one connected to Nux mighty amp.

The pedal is not special in any way, it’s just an ordinary passive pedal. I only mentioned this one as it’s the one that was made to be paired with the midi controller that our footswitches are based on.

Other than that it’s a nicely made cast aluminum pedal that is smaller than most other expression pedals like the Lead Foot I already own, which is already small for an expression pedal. But yes, you could use almost any pedal you like.

This is just such a great size for a gig bag!

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I Like the look of that pedal. It certainly looks like a quality unit, the cheaper pedals are all plastic (ABS). In the end you want quality, you generally have to pay more.:slightly_smiling_face:

My M-Vave is due to arrive tomorrow so hopefully the MightierAmp app iOS version allows me to set it up for MP3. The app has a few issues accessing own backing tracks and an update doesn’t look like being available any time soon. I don’t think the MIDI interface has been tested in iOS.

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The app on iOS will continue to mature, it is still early days. It’s Open Source so it needs a bit of time to draw in some Apple world devs to get things working smoothly.

Have now acquired my cu-vave (m-vave) pedal and set up was pretty easy.
This is where the mightier amp is so much better than the Nux app. In a matter of mins I was able to change the preset selection, start / stop drums, switch drum styles, adjust tempo and all this with just a couple foot taps. There are many more controls that could be used but for the moment these will do me.:grin:

There is a beta iOS version that also allows loading of locally stored backing tracks, but it’s a little buggy and crashes if you use the edit tracks feature. Hopefully a fix will be available soon.

@DaveTC59 How long is the USB cable that comes with the M VAVE Chocolate midi controller ?

@math07 the lead is 1m.

@DaveTC59 Thanks :slight_smile: It’s shorter than I thought. :open_mouth:

Will the Mighty Plug pro work with Amplitube app?

The Mighty Plug is a compliant interface and works with GarageBand on iPhone/iPad so Amplitude should also work.

Yes, if you need it to.

But for many, the built-in effects will be good enough, and will also have no latency issues



For iOS the latest App Store version of the Mightier Amp app is now close to perfect. The latest version has also revealed 5 new amps on the MP3 that previously were only available on MG series devices.

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Hello my friends, Unfortunately on iOS the new version of the Mighty Air App does not detect the Foot Controller (Chocolate) in Fonud Devices only show and detect Nux Mighty Air Midi. I followed all the steps of the video of Tutorial Jam, but I did not make it. App Version 3.4.2 and Firmware Version 2.3 in MightAmp App. Any suggestions or solutions?

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Hi Osver, I’m a little confused.
Did you mean “found devices”?
You said “Nux Mighty Air Midi. I followed all the steps of the video of Tutorial Jam, but I did not make it. App Version 3.4.2 and Firmware Version 2.3 in MightAmp App. Any suggestions or solutions?”

The iOS Mighty Amp app by Nux cannot currently connect to midi controllers.
You need to download the Mightier Amp by Dayan Lliev from the App Store (note different spelling). The latest version is 1.06. It will allow you to connect to your midi controller and has more functionality then the Nux app.

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