NAD - NuX Mighty Plug Pro (MP-3)

The solution was Mightier Amp APP… Thanks my bro… I was about to return this toy :sweat_smile:


Using iPhone /iPad to record video and Nux MP3 audio.

Using my mp3 and recording video with iPhone/ iPad initially resulted in no guitar audio being recorded as the camera defaulted to the devices internal microphone, recording room noise only.

Fortunately there is a (reasonably) easy way to get the guitar sound from the MP3 output to record with your video via a usb connection. (And no room noise).

I’m using an iPad Air M1 and ios17. The iPad has a built in usb-c connector. Other devices/OSes may give different results.

  1. Get your Guitar and MP3 setup and working. You may need to open the Mightier Amp app and go to settings, usb audio settings, and increase the usb recording level to get a stronger output signal. (This can be useful too when recording into GarageBand, as the default MP3 output is relatively low).

  2. Disconnect any input lead plugged into your iOS Device

  3. Plug the usb lead into the MP3’s usb connection.

4 . Now open your iPhone/iPad camera app. Set it to Video and choose front camera.

  1. Plug the other end of the MP3 USB lead into your device.

  2. Press record and start playing.

Things to be aware of:

Any interruption to the apps focus will revert the cameras audio connection back to internal microphone. That means if you view your recorded video, or switch to another app, say to check messages or mail, and then switch back to the Camera app it will no longer record the usb audio input.

You will need to close the camera app. Unplug the usb lead, restart the Camera app, set to video, choose front camera and then plug the usb back in. Press record and play.

If your ios device doesn’t have a USB-C input you can use the Apple camera adapter as an interface.

Connect MP3 to camera adapter USB-A input, and connect your charger to the camera adapter lightning input. Alighting port cannot supply enough power by itself Hence need for charger.

Set up device camera app as described above BEFORE plugging the camera adapter into your device. Press record and play.

@CATMAN62 Tod, the Mighty Plug Pro is the more expensive model I was referring to in the Noodling Around in G thread.

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I picked one of these bad boys up for myself, along with a midi chocolate footpedal (from a seller on AliExpress, which was a better buying experience than a lot of US stores tbh).

I am impressed, have only played with it a little as there are lots of options to investigate, hopefully will keep me happy for a while.

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Be sure to try out the Mightier Amp app version. Much better than the Nux app.

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