NaNa Scales Mt Rainier - Original Song By NaNa & LBro

This song marks the first time NaNa has had a chance to contribute to a song project in at least 3 years. Many of you that have followed LBro’s offerings will likely recall her fine voice and contributions to earlier songs. IMHO, she adds a lot to this song!

This original song is a duet I wrote for NaNa to sing a duet part in. I poured all I could recall of her climb to the top of Mount Rainier, into the lyrics. The mountain is still capable of blowing its top and could well take out Seattle when it goes. It is 14,410 feet, or about 4,392 meters high. The air is pretty thin up there and makes summiting a much more difficult task.

The song was ready for almost a year and was just lacking NaNa’s part. First Covid got in the way. Then my grandson, who just turned 3, needed his mom most of the time. So getting in a tracking session for her part was difficult to arrange. In fact I had hoped to track NaNa for the last 3 chorus sections as I think her voice would have blended into the 3 part harmony very well. We did all her verse parts, practiced the chorus sections and just as I was to hit record, the little grandson came back from the playground and needed Mommy… Oh well, that chorus section would have been a bonus and I had not counted on it anyway. So all is good! :blush:

NaNa and I hope you enjoy this song and all the best to you!
NaNa & LBro


That was great LBro. Loved the bass on the opening, great lyrics, great playing, great singing and a great video. That was one helluva hill.

Did I mention that I thought it was great? :smiley:

Fantastic production LBro, some slamming tones in there and all vocals absolutely spot on!

Sounds like a hell of a journey both for the summiting and song production! Congratulations all around!

Well Well lBro and NaNa,
That was a lot of fun and greet to listen :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:
and … what a video :star_struck: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:… I’m going to watch it again.
It took a while, but then you have something. :smiley:

West Coast Media knocks it out of the park yet again. Well worth the wait you two :+1:
What a wonderful story put to music. Great lyrics and a good pump song to back it up.
And the usual slick production.

Well doe LB and NaNa :sunglasses:

I don’t think I ever heard any of your tracks with NaNa, although comparing to some I am still a newbie around :laughing: really nice voice, great execution and some great lead sections in, overall really well done!

That was amazing! The instruments, vocals, production, video, and oh those views. Great job!

Hey there LBro,

I thought that was a really cool track with some nice melodies and grooves. Singing was also great from both of you. I especially liked some of those harmonized parts with multiple vocal layers.
Looks like climbing that mountain was quite an achievement as well :wink:

Rock on!

Top class production as always. Well done LBro and NaNa that was stunning. It was well worth the wait.

LB it was worth the wait. What an inspiring woman your NaNa is. Her voice is glorious, what a talent. Her Dad is pretty talented too in the way he put this all together with great instrumental tracks and a solid vocal that supports the whole story. Your production is always top notch too. Stunning images, some that almost take my breath away.

Fantastic work LB and NaNa.

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Another top-drawer production, LBro, enjoying a second listen as I reply.

Love the energy and vibe, an engaging up-tempo pop-rocker. Your bass opening, lead play and layered vocals real stand-outs in a song and production where everything seems just right.

And of course NaNa’s vocal. So good to hear her again. Please pass on the compliments and congratulations to her.

And to cap it off, great job on the slide show.

I know how long this has been in the making. Ever so glad you stuck with it, persisted, and got the song produced!

Rock on!

Hi LBro!
Excellent work in every way. Especially vocal parts. You and Nana did a brilliant job!
Also great instruments and the whole mix. Cool video! I didn’t know there is such a high mountain near Seattle :thinking:
Keep on rocking,

So well done, LBro. Loved it. I enjoyed the chorus. Its melody stuck in my head a while! Did the chorus have different lyrics each time? Loved the ending where you say “Mt. Rainer,… your view is really us down here.” Love the melody of the whole song and the happy, upbeat sound to it. Please pass my compliments to Nana. Beautiful vocals. Brave girl to climb Mt. Rainer!

Ticks all my boxes, Little Brother-
Original, meaningful personal experiences, family involvement, well played and sung, flawless production, and darn good listen on top of it all. You’ll probably come back to enjoy this again and again.
Have some good old-fashioned vibes, Sir! :sunglasses:

Hi Stephen,
Glad you liked the bass intro! I thought that and the lead in with the little guitar solo and other instruments coming in 1 by 1 worked good. Thanks over all on the positive comments and for sharing what you thoughts. Yeah Rainier is a huge hill. Though I hate to call it that. On our east coast they have “mountains” that truly are hills. Some are garbage dumps they mounded up to make a ski slope. Rainier on the other hand is the real deal. Just ask those that don’t make it on their climb. Some give their life in trying to climb her and we lose some folks every year.

All the best!

Thanks Mark!
I think your comment nails it perfectly. The daughter came back in one piece and said she would not do that one again! LOL

Be well and all the best,

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Hi Rogier,
I am glad you found this offering to your liking! Thanks for the listen and comments! I hope it was as good the second time through!

All the best,

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Hi Lbro,

Love that opening bass - really sets the drive behind the song.
Production is crystal clear.
Epic journey - both the climb and getting the song out there.

Is the footage of Na Na’s climb?
What a backdrop. Stunning.
Maybe I should film the industrial estate at the top of our 100 ft hill. Lol. :slight_smile:


Vibes from me on a top notch AVoYP LB. Terrific all round. Singing, playing, production, back story, this has got the lot. I can’t imagine the time, effort and hard work that must have gone into this.
Well done to both of you.

Hey Toby,
It’s great this one found your fancy. It was sure long in the making, but I do think getting NaNa tracked for this one was the key. I sang it all the way through so she had a guide track. But it was pretty boring with me in there and no NaNa. It really was written from the start to be a duet. Thanks for your kind comments!


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