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I take it the community passwords will be maintained on the main site, roughly located here:

If so, it seems a bit strange to have a preferences area in the community and no ability to change the password there. I can understand why. However, as a solution, would it be possible to imbed a button such as [CHANGE PASSWORD] that links to the main site account area where one could indeed change their password? If there is a better way to do the same thing, great. Just mentioning this as something to possibly look at.


This is prio1 item for me as it impacts UX of a basic functionality

I think that the best solution is to add a link to the menu when clicking the avatar

I will have to consult the developer because I think I can’t do that myself -and- we have a bit of extra challenge, since the path to the password page is indeed dynamic, including your account name. Not all accounts on site and community seem to be the same per se, as @CT1 said he followed the procedure and ended up having CT1 as username.

Perhaps a dynamic redirect on the webserver can solve this.

Possible solutions for putting a link in the avatar nav:

A workaround has been created, check Community How-To's - #6 by LievenDV

For anybody trying this out to change avatar, note that currently the link on the Community to Edit My Information, takes you to an instance of JustinGuitar website on the dev server. I was initially surprised that my avatar was the same there as it is here, then I noticed the URL. And on the live JustinGuitar website my avatar is the one that I updated.

David I had to clear my browser history to get my avatar on
Justin’s site to sinc here.

Thanks stitch. I’ll give that a try another time.

Just tried clearing browser history (not cache) and got redirected to the dev sit and prompted to input the Justindemo longin that I had saved. I suspect you may need to clear cache not just history, which I’d prefer not to do on the PC unless absolutely vital. So I’ll stick with Mr Hopper and the Billy Bike. :sunglasses:

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I cleared the works. No change to the avatar after first logging onto the dev server and then with my website login. I do think this is because my changed avatar is on my live profile. The original avatar was copied onto the dev platform when I first signed in. So for sure it will change if I go and change the avatar on my profile on the dev server.

I’m sorry but I’m with Toby on this one - not a chance I am clearing my history/cache/cookies etc. I get logged out of everything and then I get some accounts where I changed a password and it wasn’t updated on Chrome so I can’t log in :smiley:

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Hey it worked!‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎

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Ben did some work behind the scenes for the avatar synch.

We’re still ironing out some stuff for the password thing.
It will be available from the “preferences” submenu when you click your avatar.
It should work but there are some cases that need some error handling still

@LievenDV seems like my avatar is still not synched from the website :frowning:

can you try logging out on both platforms , then logging in on site?
if that fails, have you tried changing your avatar?

Sorry for the inconvenience, it is a test …and we’re in a test phase :wink:

@LievenDV That’s okay, it is a learning curve for all of us :slight_smile:

Still no luck, even removed my avatar and changed it to something else but still no avatar on Community.

I also have a different Avatar on main justinguitar website and Community Dashboard.

Hey @adi_mrok you’re not going to like this but just like @stitch what did it for me was to clear cookies and cache on my PC browser after uploading the avatar in preferences > edit my information.

As @DavidP has noted the ‘edit my information’ button leads to a copy of your JG account on the dev server so our current profiles aren’t actually linked to the main site accounts directly. (right?)

Also I just discovered something - I started typing this message on my phone but then plopped down in front my PC and it was saved as an active reply draft so I just continued where I left off. Insanely cool!


Thanks Ivan, I’m on my work laptop so I will give it a go here. Fingers crossed I have all relevant passwords saved here and I haven’t changed anything lately!

EDIT. Worked a charm, thanks @SS7 @stitch @LievenDV !

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It’s a bit late, but you can clear cookies for a single site on Chrome (and I suspect on other browsers).

On Chrome, you click on the padlock icon on the address bar, and it gives you various site options, including the ability to view and manage the cookies for that site:





Keith and that’s why you’re called Majik ! Very helpful and I’ll give it a try later.


And I confirm that was successful, with just clearing site specific cookies as per Keith’s advice.
Captain America

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Stop Press.

You may want to check your other preference settings, as I am now getting notifications again on Chrome that I had switched off.