Need help

Been unable to sign into website for several days. Screen goes grey and states problem connecting with server. Nothing is wrong on my end. Need advice thanks.

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There has been some changes to the web cookies this thread will help you out.

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Thanks Keith.


Thanks for the input but it is not resolving the problem .

The problem is I can no longer connect with website because the the disk turns and a statement appears that there is no internet connection check a server. This problem is not with my internet server. I paid for the website and I would like to get back to my practicing.

Patrick @stitch
Do you mean the app as you do not have to pay for the general content (apart from the premium courses) on the web site?

@Nightwatchman Patrick, once you have clarified the question asked by @MAT1953 then I will raise the issue appropriately with support.

Please @mention me when you reply to ensure it doesn’t get overlooked.

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