New App subscriptions now require VIP pass to access songs

Completed my one week trial, loved the app and playing the available songs. After vacation came back and started a subscription only to find out Songs are no longer included. I am more concerned with the lack of being upfront about this change, and really no mention on the website. Most of the intro lessons mention the App and the song availability being a key reason to use it. What do others think?

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I was surprised by that change too as I was used to the previous way it worked.

I’m pretty sure that you will not be the only one with that problem as no communication has been sent to highlight the change. :confused:

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what the hell is handcrafted practice songs ?

Yeah, I have no idea.

As far as I have seen they are just made up repetition and switch beats to practice changing cords. Not really songs, or anything anybody would search for.

I’m subscribed to the Justin Guitar App for about 18 months, and I just checked, nothing has changed for me. I’m on Android.

What happens if you select “Restore purchases”, as shown on your screenshot?

Let me also tag @MusopiaApps

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I am not sure how it would work for a previous subscriber with a lapsed subscription but my understanding is this is for all new subscribers and current subscriptions are essentially grandfathered in to the VIP addition.

I nevertheless agree with you, there is no information about this change that I can find.

Nothing on, nothing in the app description or in the changelog of the app in the Android playstore, or in the App Store.

I hope that @MusopiaApps can shed some light on this subscription policy change.

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it looks like a way to make it more expensive … but doesn t provide anything more for the price :confused:

I’d suggest, let’s not jump to assumptions. I’m sure we will be informed soon about what this is all about.


That was posted on redit. Maybe that will shed some light to the app users.


It might be that what they’ve done is to introduce a cheaper tier for people because it doesn’t involve a load of licenced songs

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Or they introduced a more expensive tier to give access to the songs that folk are complaining about not being on the app.

if thats the case they should definitely let us know more about it

The bottom line is if you subscribed before the 27 June 2024 then you’re automatically given VIP but I agree there should have been an update posted here to keep everyone in the loop.

@Richard_close2u tagged you so that the team is aware as I’m sure there’s going to be more posts and topics created regarding it.

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Thank you James @Socio for digging out this background information. I’m sure everyone agrees that musopia selected the wrong forum to communicate the app subscription changes :sweat_smile:

The really interesting question is, will the VIP price continue to be the same as the current subscription price. Let’s stay tuned :smiley:

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Hi Everyone,

We apologise for not announcing this change before it took effect. This decision was made because it primarily impacts new app users, and most of our existing community members are already subscribed and thus unaffected.

Please note that this change is currently experimental and may or may not become a permanent feature for app subscriptions in the future. This experiment is driven by significant shifts in the licensing landscape, primarily due to major publishers and the increasing costs associated with securing licenses for popular songs.

The hypothesis behind this experiment is based on the positive feedback we’ve received for our in-house songs. We aim to see if users would prefer paying a smaller fee for a subscription that includes these songs to aid their learning, as opposed to popular songs.

Our overall goal is to provide choices that cater to your individual tastes and learning styles, as well as offer more pricing options. For instance, some users may focus solely on the learning path with our in-house songs, while others may prefer learning popular songs alongside the learning path.

This is our first experiment of this nature, and we are still determining the optimal price points in light of the recent licensing price increases. We anticipate conducting further experiments to adjust the pricing of both the Premium and VIP tiers based on the feedback we gather from this initial trial.

Unfortunately, we cannot update older YouTube videos. However, if this change becomes permanent, we will announce it clearly and accessibly to ensure everyone understands the differences between Premium and VIP before subscribing.

This experiment may or may not lead to permanent changes. Rest assured, we will carefully review the results and consider your feedback before making any final decisions. To reiterate, these changes only affect new subscribers, and existing subscribers are not impacted by this experiment.

Thank you for being so understanding and if you have any questions or comments please let us know :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks for the explanations

Yousician has a lot of in house songs too so its pretty normal that musopia does the same
it can be surprisingly good songs

But on JG all modules offers to play famous / popular songs to practice on
so in the end we will all need to be VIP on JG to follow the modules
doing without the songs is not really an option i think ( if we want to use the app)

and at one point or another we will all have to renew our subscriptions so we will all be impacted :confused: