New App subscriptions now require VIP pass to access songs

Legitimate use case: have the app installed on a tablet and a phone. Switch between the two. You can only be logged in to one device at a time. I suspect I didn’t log out before I logged in to the other device. When I engaged in this behavior and switched back to the other device, I often had to “restore” my app purchase.

I haven’t used the app in about 4 months now, so maybe things have changed? In any event, @MusopiaApps might want to consider this situation.

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Apologies for the confusion here, if your subscription expires then the restore purchase button will not work simply by reinstating your previous subscription. This button is used when an Apple or Google subscription is not attached to an account. We initially thought you were subscribed and were referring to your previous subscription as a pre-experiment subscription.

You will be able to go through your App Store/Play Store expired subscriptions and renew them from here though which will essentially place you back on the old SKU excluding you from the experiment. Once it has been renewed via this method you may need to use the restore purchase button to relink it to your app account.

Alternatively, you can resubscribe from where the experiment is not being run and we recommend using this method over Google or Apple for subscribing. Please log into this website using your app account details and it will take you to a payment screen here.

Once again, apologies for any confusion caused here and please note you can subscribe outside of the experiment using the above methods.


thanks a lot

I followed your instructions and paid for a new subscription ^^

Just a question
when it comes to the song library wouldnt it be possible to just pay the access to the songs we want ?
like 2$ a song
It would be more flexible since it takes weeks to work on a song
thats just an idea … im not very rich and paying 15$ to access 1500 songs is very expensive for me
especially since i only need to work on 1 song , thats why maybe … paying for just a song can be an idea

The Moises app works this way. You buy a song - any song! - from iTunes / Amazon, etc - or rip it from a CD. The song is analyzed by their AI, and then you can manipulate it in ways similar to the Justin app.

Moises is less beginner friendly than the Justin app, and the analysis is not always perfect.

But they have a free subscription tier that is quite capable, so it might be worth a look.