New chair, now I need a strap!

Those of you familiar with my guitar adventures will know that I recently bought a new guitar chair.
My new chair arrived today
What’s that got to do with buying a strap?

The new chair is terrific. Super comfortable and it’s improved my posture no end. It has, however, highlighted an issue.

I’ve realised that up until now I’ve sort of rested/jammed the overhang of the guitar (the part beyond my right leg) against the cushions of the various seats I’ve used. With the new seat that is not possible. I’m suddenly finding that when I play a barre chord and press the guitar with my right elbow to give my barre chord something to act against, the guitar is moving and the reverse pressure no longer works.

Having read many posts on the site about using a strap even when sitting, I thought I’d give that a go.

I’ve bought a soft leather strap with a suede back to create friction. It’s a couple of inches wide with no padding. I thought that as it’s my acoustic I’m having the issue with and it’s not heavy then that would do.
So far so good, it’s working a treat. My guitar doesn’t have a strap button on the neck side so the options appeared to be adding a shoe lace to the end of the strap or using a quick release adaptor. The guy in the store recommended the QR adaptor.


Strap solution looks pretty cool, hope it works. If it doesn’t, you can try to sit with right leg over left or use a foot rest. I tried both and ended up with the first option.

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Suede straps are great. Have you tried it with your SC yet? Being a little neck heavy the suede will help with it as well

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Hi Rick. Haven’t tried it with the SG yet. Might have to buy a black one for that!

Looks very comfy Gordon. I have a couple with suede backs and they are very stable, Some of the Minotaur’s have a dimpled type surface, which also provides a bit of grip on the SG and LPs. Your attachment doofer beats my old shoelaces for sure !


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Now you have a strap Gordon, will you do some standing and playing?

@SgtColon I have tried a few times Stefan. It’s quite different and will need some getting used to.

Just been having the same issue with my new chair :joy: now looking at straps lol :v:I love that there’s always a solution to a problem, no matter how trivial, among this great website.