New Free Tool: Strumming Machine!

Hey everyone!

The JustinGuitar Team is thrilled to announce a free tool on the website: Strumming Machine! You can play with strumming patterns, customizing your own, or using Justin’s presets. :slight_smile: It’s also possible to share, save, and build your library of strumming patterns!

For now, you’ll already find acoustic and electric guitar sounds and many popular chords. We only have 4/4 Time Signature and 8th Note Strumming Patterns, but we’ll grow from there.

We cannot wait to hear your thoughts and feedback about this tool. Please feel free to add them to this topic. We’ll be monitoring it!

And again - this is free to all users - log in to your account to use Strumming Machine!

Mod edit - Go to this post for feedback, suggestions, bug reports comments etc.

If you are reporting an issue please remember to @ tag @larynejg Thanks :slight_smile: