Strumming Machine - suggestions, bug reports, user experience feedback etc

Please use this topic for any feedback on the new Strumming Machine.


Thanks. This will tie in nicely with the SOS-Strumming courses :slightly_smiling_face: Donated.

Btw, there seems to be a minor bug with certain preset strumming patterns played in Em. It plays one strum and then stops, have to go back for a better description.

Could it maybe be an idea to create a separate thread where people can report in bugs etc. regarding this tool?:nerd_face:

Just had a quick peek at this and it looks like a really useful tool :smiley:
It seemed so intuitive, I thought there’s no point looking at the lesson- What else could you say about it? :thinking: :rofl:
Initial thoughts on low-hanging-fruit-improvements would be adding an option for a second bar for an alternative strumming pattern, as well as Toby’s suggestion of 16th notes.
Also, if you could allow the user to incorporate muted hits (x) would be cool. You can edit them out of Justin’s examples but can’t reinsert them or put in your own.
Good job, team.
Vibes :sunglasses:


Went back to check all preset patterns as well as to experiment with “build your own”. After some time it was easy to predict when the small bug would occur.

  • issue as soon as any “+” (and) would have to sound in Em, acoustic guitar, the playback will stop

  • I am on Android.

  • The issue is limited to Em acoustic exclusively.

  • No other chords are affected, meaning also Em, electric guitar, works just fine.

  • The issue affects preset patterns as well as “build your own patterns” with Em acoustic guitar


Thank you! We’ll look into this.

Excellent bug report! Should make it much easier for the devs to fix.

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: Yes, I thought so, and I had the time to spare. So, there you go.

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@JokuMuu , we corrected the bug you reported. :slight_smile: Thanks for that! We appreciate your help.


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Issue - no way to enter backbeat hit

I can load library patterns with backbeat hits, but can’t add a hit to my patterns. Only Up and Down strums can be entered.

Suggested fix: In the editor, instead of toggling between on and off when clicked by mouse…step through on, off, and hit with every mouse click.

(My platform: Safari browser running on 1st gen iPad Pro, iPadOS v16.5)

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This is a great start - lots of potential here…

Suggestions - more or less in order of importance

  1. 16ths
  2. Palm muted power chord sounds
  3. All down strummed 8ths mode
  4. Play should not stop when editing a running pattern - would be easier to experiment with new strum patterns if kept playing
  5. Different time signatures - 3/4 and 6/8 to start
  6. Triplets

Just had a play with this and it appears really useful, no issues at present. Thank you team Justin for all your hard work on this. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :smiley: :smiley:

maybe some reggae strums would be usefull other than that great tool.

Wow! That is a fantastic tool!
Brilliant! :+1:

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Justin did say on the live stream on transcribing a jazz song yesterday that expect something special was coming along the next day.
Looking forward to trying it out.
Thanks Justin

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THAT IS GREAT🥳! Cant’t wait to check it out. Thanks!

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Nice one, thanks Justin. Another reason to donate.

Sounds great :star_struck:. I’ll check it out for sure :smiley:.
Thanks a lot :hugs:.

Just had a little “play” and looking forward to this developing into 16ths in the future hopefully.

Easy to use and pretty intuitive but I watched the video anyway, Think this will be a really useful tool for beginners or if you want to experiment with unusual patterns to hear what they are like. Nice one @JustinGuitar :+1:



That’s brilliant. I think it will be big help for players (esp. newbies) who are trying to work out what a written strumming pattern sounds like.

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VERY COOL!! Nice one JG team!! :heart_eyes: :metal::sunglasses: