New Year guitar resolutions?

Wondering if any of you set goals for playing - would love to read what you want to achieve musically in 2022?

  1. I’d like to wrap up the beginner course and dive headlong into the blues…learn and get comfortable playing to the changes on a blues chord progression.

  2. big goal is to play/jam with others AND feel good about my contribution.

  3. learn more songs cc @Richard_close2u

Maybe towards the second half of the year I’ll take some in person lessons.

  1. Learn songs
  2. Learn songs
  3. Learn songs



1: buying recording stuff …2: learning to deal with it …3: bothering you with it :innocent:

But the big 1: Practice songs for so long that I can confidently play them in front of other people without too many mistakes.
Greetings ,Rogier


I am joining on:

  • Learn songs.
  • Keep learning songs.
  • Not nearly enough, keep learning!!!
  • Oh you know 100 songs properly in every category (campfire/campfire+, developers, dreamers), here’s another 100.

By learning songs and different techniques required for the songs, creativity starts kicking in so I’ll add another note:

  • finished unfinished projects
  • start writing more music

On a serious note, thanks to everyone on this community for being great support and a massive library of knowledge and experience, especially to Majik (well this was in the last quarter of 2020 but it got used a lot in 2021) for donating me his Tascam MP-GT1 Guitar trainer and to Rossco01 for starting the Virtual Open mics. You two unknowingly helped me back into serious practicing. Some of you know that I joined a semi-professional (a.k.a. brings some money in but cannot live of it) project at the end of February 2020. Well this fell apart for obvious reasons and then I got swamped by work (and even more work) and Tascam and open mics really got me going again.

All the best in 2022 dear friends and keep rockin’ :sunglasses: !


Mine are mostly song-related, too. I have a handful of half-finished originals that have been sitting around for a long time; I want to get at least some of those finished and recorded. And I want to do more playing and recording of electric guitar, since almost all of my recordings have been acoustic. Lastly, I have a list of cover songs that I want to learn/record.

  1. Learn more songs on acoustic.
  2. Improve my fingerstyle on acoustic.
  3. Work on my A major barre chords on acoustic (they are fine on my electric).
  4. Work on my Blues improv play on electric.
  5. Learn more scale patterns.
  6. Be more structured in my practice.
  7. Attempt to learn a bit more music theory.
  8. Maybe attempt some more sophisticated recording techniques. (not so sure about this one as at the moment I don’t have a computer, only my iPhone).
  9. Enjoy all the above and have fun doing all the above.
  10. Learn some JJ Cale stuff having just this minute listened to this. Touch of J.J. (I just discovered that the forum has a 15 character title minimum set with a maximum of 255)

Richard probably popped out champagne few hours earlier after this post :rofl:


Try to play some more, hopefully post something, finish that HB Telecaster kit, look at a bit of rationalisation (🥲🥲🥲), get more exercise.


Happy New Year y’all! I finished the last lesson of Grade 1 today and I sat for a while afterwards and looked back at what I had achieved since I took up the guitar again in March. Nearly brought a tear to my eye. Looking into 2022:

  1. Spend January honing and fine-tuning the skills I learned in Grade 1 before jumping into Grade 2.
  2. Update my streaming rig to facilitate recording to share my progress including the successes and the failures (and hopefully encourage others to share as well).
  3. Buy a Telecaster and a looper pedal (gots to get da gear!)
  4. Never forget the joy of playing guitar…knowing that learning scales is in my near future.

May the new year bring all of you everything that you want to achieve.



I think James was looking over my shoulder when I wrote down my new years resolutions/wish list! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I will add just one thing: I want to learn how to sing - take some lessons or whatever it takes to be able to carry a tune in a reasonable fashion.


I’m not big on resolutions and long-term goals, for now …

  1. Get back into the vocal course
  2. Improve my lead play
  3. Add more songs to my camp-fire repertoire
  4. at least one more original song
  1. embed more blues phrases into the brain, able to improvise musically (not randomly at present) over any song I hear.
  2. learn to identify chords by ear, so that the improvising can be more chord orientated (not aimlessly at present)
  3. search and buy less, practice and play morr

I see the coming year as mainly one of consolidation and refinement of progress so far. Also make some progress with singing and improvisation.

  1. Coursewise - Consolidate completed grades of the practical music theory course. Work slowly through the Intermediate course.
  2. Consolidate barre chords and triads
  3. Become more fluent moving across the fretboard - chord tone targeting, interval patterns etc
  4. Become cleaner and tighter in my playing
  5. Improve songwork, post some singing/playing.

Also, try to avoid below

Cheers, Shane


I should get some merchandise made up … you know, t-shirts, mugs etc etc.

Learn songs, learn songs, learn songs.

:+1: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Image by @SS7


Oh yes !! Do this as a priority please Waldorf. :sunglasses:


“Learn songs, learn…”
All you teacher’s pets :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’ve been a good sheep for over three years now and what the good guru doesn’t tell you is that when you learn all those songs, you forget them just as quick! :roll_eyes:
I’m just gonna do a Cyndi Lauper and have some fun!
Oh wait- won’t that involve learning songs?


Gotta keep them in the rotation, man!


A new year brings the desire to find new paths, new directions and approaches. Out with the old, in with the new. I’m going to resist that temptation. My goal from the beginning was to simply become a better player everyday, and find my own voice with the instrument. Stay the course.

  • Stay contrary. Zig when others are zagging. That’s the heart of the blues, rock & roll and all the great folk and country songs.
  • Stay inspired, seek inspiration and nurture the process. Be open to new things on random days, don’t just think about inspiration and making lists on December 30th.
  • Put a twist on cover songs. The best covers are not carbon copies. Capture the essence but add your own flair. Play an old song in a new way, or a new song in an old way. :slight_smile:
  • Play in the style of the greats, but don’t be a note for note copy cat.

I’m not planning a particularly structured 2022. My sole resolution is to play my guitar more.

Happy New Years everyone!!


I’d buy one of those :smiley: