Hello all!

I noticed a sudden increase in newsletters, even upto multiple newsletters a day. Since I dont need all of the different topics I tried updating my preferences with the “update preferences” link in the email but it gives me a page from Mailchimp with an “this page doesn’t excist” error. How can update the different preferences?

Hi Edwin It’s been brought up before. Apparently there was some new things added to the website and the BLIM course announcements.
Hopefully it goes back to a monthly letter and doesn’t stay as a Bi weekly thing.
I’ll let the authorities know.

@FannyJustinGuitar I’m not the only one who thinks a monthly new letter should be once a month. Maybe have 2 choices in preferences in our Dashboards. Monthly(once a month) or All

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Thanks Rick. Indeed, I like the monthly newsletter to, but this is just a bit over the top. There should be an opt-in for the new newsletters, wich I hadn’t seen so I guess it’s send to all subscribers. Hope there will be different preferences to fit my, and others needs.

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Right now in preference you either get all the spam or nothing. Justin used to pride himself for not spamming people, hope it goes back to that.


Rick I think this last deluge may have been an error after the wateronboarding exercise. Can’t recall where I read it but the mails went out to all users or those signed up for the NLs not just the new members. I am sure normal service will be resumed, as a little hornets nest was poked as a result.


I never filled out the waterboarding survey. James told me how to skip it. All the spam I’ve been getting is about the BLIM, monthly class, the update to the PMT grade 1etc. I got the monthly new letter on Friday and Monday morning a get an invite to the live classes. Which I can’t attend because they fall in the middle of my work day.

I’d like to get the Monthly News letter and that’s it. But right now it’s all or nothing. So I may have to choose Nothing


On the backlog to sort out. It should get focus on now that blues immersion has been released.

Thanks James knew I’d seen it somewhere. :+1:

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Me too.

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Hi Edwin,and others,
What I have pasted below is what was written in the latest newsletter by Justin…


"We know it might have been a bit overwhelming to receive emails from us as if you were new to the site. However, we truly believe this was useful for most students, and we appreciate your patience and understanding about it! :slight_smile: "

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Hai Roger,

Well it seems it doesn’t for at least some of us. I even find it annoying to receive them without an opt-in.

So I hope it will come around into different newsletters and subscriptions to it, or I will choose “none” cause I’m the kind of guy who feels very annoyed by so many of them.

Welcome to the Modern Worlds Boys & Girls…
Spam (in Justin’s case Vegemite maybe???) is pretty unavoidable these days…

I think it will be sorted out eventually… our moderators like @Richard_close2u , @LievenDV or @larynejg to look at for the Community.


After returning, being absent for a year, I got a hello we’re waiting for you email today though Ive been on JG for yonks and still read the newsletters.

Also, on return, the website assessed me as level 3 though I’ve completed level 3 ages ago. Never mind.

I’m also getting a load of emails ever since the onboarding and blues immersion thing started. I’m probably one of the least ‘techie’ participants in the community but I have to say I’m not unduly bothered by them. I don’t read and simply delete them all. Only takes a few seconds.