NGD (a week ago!)

As much as I will always be grateful with my Eastcoast that some of you will have seen on my first AVOYP postings I was getting increasingly frustrated with it in certain aspects and I’d been lusting after something better so off to Andertons I trotted a couple of weekends ago.

Tried out a Fender Player Plus Strat and also this. As nice as the Stat was this just felt that little bit nice for me. Things I love, the coil split option opens up so many possibilities I will get lost, the balance in my lap just feels right, the fretboard is so easy to move around on and, oh yes the inlays!!

I’m sure I’ll still get a strat at some point becuase, well everyone should own a Fender (?)! But in the meantime all I want to do is pick this up and play :slight_smile:


Hi Mark,
So it’s a NGW…Beautiful guitar…(Why mine doesn’t have birds but dots is incomprehensible to me.)…of course you wouldn’t have fallen a bump for a fender player either…but I did read here that Fender, among others, has stood still on many points where other brands have continued to develop … Justin also writes something about that somewhere … the old custom made (I thought) perfect … the new ones are overshadowed by new and different brands.
Greetings and a lot of fun with this beauty

Very nice Mark. Enjoy !
Happy belated NGD.

Looks fabulous, Mark, enjoy it

That is a very tasty looking guitar Mark. I do like PRS guitars and I did contemplate one a few months back but opted for a G&L which was cheaper but not as sexy.

Happy NGD. I look forward to seeing you play it.

Thanks Stefan & all, if it makes you want to play it’s a good guitar in my book!!

First AVOYP with it was up yesterday, hoping to get another one up before the end of the week if I can get my damn voice to work independently from my strumming!! :rofl:

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PRSs looks really really good. This one was hot. Love those bird inlays😍

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Great looking guitar and I can see the coil split option being really useful.

Guitar looks great, enjoy playing it :guitar:

That’s a great looking axe; enjoy it! I got a PRS SE Custom 24 back in January and I absolutely love it and have a hard time putting it down! :smiley:

That a beaut! They’re amazing guitars, I’ve picked a few up but have always come to the conclusion that for myself it would be too much to justify; I’m happy with what I’ve got really but occasionally have serious lust after some of the new models (just like women :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)!

Nothing wrong with a bit of window shopping imo Darrell!!! (when you’re alone anyway!) :wink:

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I’d like a PRS one day but have decided that’s what I’ll get when I feel like I deserve it :joy:. I usually buy a fancier instrument when I’m at grade 5. Not doing guitar exams but I’ve told my teacher to let me know when I’m about there!

Always good to feel you’ve earned it Liz, can totally appreciate that!
Great incentive to have to keep at it that’s for sure :+1:

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Oooooooo gorgeous, so gorgeous. Sounds like it was made for you. Very happy for you Mark.

Yep seems to fit me well Maggie, just have to make sure I do it justice now :rofl:

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