NGD-Acoustasonic 😎

Finally after just over a year Justin suggested this would be a good guitar for me as a result of what I “run into”

Strings: 11 etc… First 5 minutes of experience … that’s a bit different from my 10 strings on my little Ibanez and that’s meaning I have to work harder for the next few weeks :sweat_smile:

A big surprise for me … a few weeks ago I called BAX MUSIC, there I got a silly man on the phone who answers the phone on behalf of all bax branches, after a complicated conversation I forwarded him to Sweetwater so he could see for himself that the same guitars / models can really differ by 250 grams or even a little more … he was stunned, but would contact the store where there were still 5 and would call me back quickly … NEVER anything from heard, in another store I was already disappointed so I decided to put everything back on the back burner…

But my wife continued to search and found a guitar in Breda - asked for the weight - she sent a photo in a few minutes with 1986 grams and she said go ahead … an unexpected 109 euro discount was added ,so Euro 980,-

Greetings, Rogier


Happy NGD Rogier when do we get to hear it? I haven’t had a chance to play one yet.

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Thank you Rick,
Oh :smile: I won’t wait too long and squeeze out some sounds and chords without being able to get too concern about the level then, I wanted to show something right away, but now I can use the excuse of visitors very good because I found it a bit more difficult than expected :grimacing: (playing for 15 minutes or a little more)…

Ps: Forgot to tell. i also have a tube amp and paul davids was pretty clear “buy an acoustic amp”… but i guess (hope) that really doesn’t matter to me in the beginning…

That’s a sweet looking guitar Rogier. Have fun playing it and look forward to hearing you play it!

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Happy NGD Rogier!! :partying_face:

So happy for you and now I know what made you smile. :sunglasses:

What a beauty :heart_eyes: - hope it plays and sounds great as well. Can’t wait to see the two of you in action (yes, boldly requesting a video here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)!

Have lots of fun and joy with your new toy, Rogier. Wish you loads of happy hours together! :smiley:

Cheers - Lisa

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Man that looks like a cool piece of kit. Love the colour contrast and the grain showing in the top. Guess that warrants a second Happy NGD. Enjoy !

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Congratulations, NGD always a good day

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Rogier, I knew, this day would come :star_struck:, we already talked about it somewhere else! So happy for you :heart_eyes:. And what a nice wife you have to help you searching for your dream guitar! What a beauty!
Saw one a few month ago in a guitar store and immediately was thinking of you! I’m already very curious how it plays and how you like it!
Have a lot of fun and enjoy! :upside_down_face:


Happy NGD, Rogier!! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: Looking pretty sweet, love the black on tan! You’ll have a blast on that, enjoy! :smiley: :+1:

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Looks really nice - have fun!!

OMG! and Wow! Love this! :heart_eyes: I’m sooo jelly! - but also very happy for you :smiley:
and your wife is so sweet :smiling_face: :heart:
Happy NGD!! :tada: :ribbon: :partying_face:

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That is a very interesting and unusual looking guitar (at least to me and my limited knowledge), I rather like it. So glad your wife was able to do this for you!

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Looks pretty awesome Rogier. Congrats and enjoy.

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Happy NGD Rogier!!!
Have fun with your new 6 string friend!!! She’s a beautiful instrument but don’t forget to pick up your other guitars now & then… they’ll feel neglected & jealous if you ignore them!!!:stuck_out_tongue:


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Enjoy your new guitar Rogier, not a bad price. :grinning:

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Looks fabulous, Rogier. Look forward to a video of you playing soon. I’m sure the tube amp will be just fine.

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Thank you very much everybody :sunglasses: :heart:
It’s nice to start up the computer and read it all, I really appreciate it,
I will also let my wife read it later, a short message to a few people,
Lisa of course that makes me smile,
I’m getting a tattoo with "Buy me a guitar and pay and I will be very happy for a day ’ :joy:

And Andrea ,I told my wife that especially you would say “hey finally”
Rebecca a year ago I didn’t know it existed either, as far as I know there is a player here Tjeerd @TRJ
I saw a little later and we talked about it for a while and I think I would like to know something about him, especially whether DavidP is hopefully right and something about strings
And Yes … My wife is ridiculously sweet to me and not just because she spoiled me with this kind of thing :sunglasses: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :revolving_hearts:

Again thanks you all for the likes and the comments :sunglasses: :raised_hands:


Nice guitar Rogier, enjoy it!
The guitarist/singer from my favourite band has the Strat version, she likes it very much!


Hi Rogier, Congratulations with your Acoustasonic tele player. You’ll have plenty of fun with it. Re. strings, if you are more comfy with 10’s than 11’s, just exchange them. Note that it takes acoustic strings, not e-guitar strings. I guess that is because it is intended to get a good acoustic sound out of the amp.

On the Amp issue, if you play the acoustic setting (selector to the front) you’ll probably notice a big difference between amps. I play the acoustasonic through my Schertler Jam acoustic amp. If you have something like the Katana, you could probably select an Acoustc mode.

Kind regards, Tjeerd

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Nice one Rogier, happy NGD.
There’s a mint condition 2nd hand model not far from me for £600.