NGD... almost... and finally!

Well grabbed a really nice guitar during Black Friday spree, got all excited and booked delivery slot for coming Saturday. Of course Parcelforce as ever totally unreliable left my new goodie on the porch, waiting for God knows how many hours standing vertically (against manufacturer’s recommendation on the box). Box dented in two places, well okay as long as guitar is fine… and it wasn’t - small nasty fracture where body joins the neck :unamused: hopefully PMT will sort themselves out and replace it with no issues. Waiting game continues! Very small spoiler of what I am getting included, whoever guesses exact guitar and finish will get a goodie bag from me :laughing:


Oh no that’s rough.

Pretty typical bolt on issue probably just the finish but still, not on a new guitar


Exactly and not for the money spent. They should be bringing this thing to me on a white horse :laughing:


I bought a fairly expensive guitar earlier this year. It came with a gig bag so I made a point of also buying a hard case at the same time so they could ship it to me in that.


My came in a bag that’s more like a plastic coffin for a vampire :grinning: didn’t stop it from being fractured :confused:

Oh no.
How disappointing.
My guess …
Fender Telecaster in Blonde.

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I did that once with a purchase I made through Thomann and they flat-out refused to pack it in the hard shell case, instead, they shipped it in the cardboard box the factory stuffed it into.

I think it’s becoming increasingly common for the smaller companies to trim costs by supplying only a gig bag. I don’t mind having both (and thankfully the shop where I bought it checked the set up and shipped it in the hard case… and didn’t forget to include the gig bag as well).

It still ended up cheaper overall than the Fender Pro II Tele I had been initially considering.

I dont think it is just smaller companies. I havent seen a guitar in a while that comes with anything if the guitar is less than $1000.

This was more like twice that (in AUD).

Bummer Adrian, I expect it’ll get sorted but need a goodie bag from the supplier to compensate you for the extra effort and stress.

Like @Richard_close2u my guess was a tele. Don’t my colours … could it be butterscotch :grin:


That is rubbish news Adi but rest assured PMT are great when it comes to replacing faulty/damaged goods.

I had an issue with the Yammy I bought and they swapped it out and next day delivery too.

This is my guess as well.

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Sorry to see this. However it’s almost certainly just a finish crack as previously mentioned. If this were me, what I do next would depend on the guitar. If everything else is perfect, if it feels right, sounds wonderful, plays great, good weight etc, then I’d try and negotiate a good discount and keep it. However, I almost always buy 2nd hard or B stock as a perfect finish doesn’t bother me.
I totally understand you wanting it 100% though - I hope you get it resolved soon.

Shame, real shame, @Richard_close2u is right, it’s a fender tele but, I’ll up the stakes and go

Fender Telecaster limited edition American professional, Maple. :slight_smile:

Disappointing Adrian.


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Bummer, Ade :cry:
Hope it’s hassle-free sorting out.
Abscess yellow, hmmm… :thinking: :laughing:
No idea what, but looks like a shaped heel. Would a Fender S or T-style not have a plate?


I’ll match that with: Fender Vintera II 50s Nocaster MN, Blackguard Blonde


Nope, doesn’t come with Gold hardware, or he had a custom build.

I suppose it could be more reflective making chrome a possibility too. :frowning:
@adi_mrok Did you. ?



I’m not that rich I’m afraid :laughing:

Oh, is that a gold coloured neck plate? I thought it was just shiny / reflective of the surroundings.