NGD—Epiphone 339


Very nice!

Thank you. Now I just need to learn how to play it. I switch between electric and acoustic but I really don’t understand how to manipulate the various controls to get a good sound on electric. The main thing for me is that it feels good to play. I hope the quality of this guitar will help me improve my playing.
Probably getting a Taylor 214 next month.

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That looks super nice, having a guitar you love to pick up and play is a great way to get some good practice time!!

Welcome to the community. I also struggle to make good musical sounds with an electric. I’m quite good at acoustic. I guess it’s a good think I prefer the sound of an acoustic.

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I’m much more comfortable with the electric than the acoustic. I’m not good on either.

Congratulation on a very nice guitar.
Welcome to the forum!!!

Happy New Guitar Day Pam!!! and welcome to the community!!

Very nice Pam! :heart_eyes:
I think a Taylor 214 is a great choice too
Welcome to the Community :smiley:

Wow, that is a beautiful instrument! Congratulations!

Hello and welcome to our community Pam. :slight_smile:

That is a lovely looking guitar, what is the weight like?

Maybe pop over here and introduce yourself Introduce yourself ... - JustinGuitar Community

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Welcome Pam. Nice guitar. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

That’s part of the journey for me.
Generally, the neck pickup is warmer and more bassy than the bridge pickup.
The tone knobs adjust the treble. At 10, all the treble of the corresponding pickup goes to the amp. At 0 it goes to ground making the sound more dull and muffled.
I have mine around 7 so that I can adjust both ways.

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Hi Pam,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun with that beautiful guitar :sunglasses:

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Hi Pam, happy NGD, it’s a gorgeous colour!
Welcome to the community, it’s a good idea to introduce yourself so we know a bit more about you. It’s a friendly community and always has been, any questions you may have, just ask away and remember that no question is stupid, anything guitars or music is valid plus there is an area where we can have a bit of banter!
The Taylor 214 is a very nice guitar if you can cope with the size, I had one and couldn’t get comfortable with it so had to get something smaller; it’s always best to go out and try some before you spend your cash!
Have fun!

Very pretty guitar. I’m having trouble figuring my knobs out, too. So far, I don’t hear any difference, but then, maybe it’s because I’m not playing all that well yet!

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The weight is very manageable. Less than 2.5kg I’d say. In addition to the sound, the lighter weight makes semi-hollows my first choice.

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Congratulations Pammo - that guitar looks very impressive - great colour too! :sparkling_heart:

Your guit looks great ! Hours of fun ! Welcome in the community. You’ll see it’s a very nice group. Very supportive. Have a great NDG !