NGD Fender Player Plus Strat + New acoustic

Hey everyone,

this is my first post here.
I‘ve been playing guitar for about 8 years now and decided to upgrade my guitars/ buy something new.

So I sold my Gretsch G5220 and after some research I got me a MIM Fender Player Plus Strat HSS in Sunburst.

I changed the Fender Noiseless PUs with some DiMarzio Area 58, Area 61 and a DiMarzio DP223 Humbucker.

I really love to play it and love how it sounds.

Now I also want to get a new acoustic guitar. (Still using my parlor sized PRS SE P20 a lot tho)

I would like to buy some real quality guitar for like my whole life.
But I defnitely don‘t want to spend more than 2500€.

I‘m playing at home most of the time - being a sofa player (light strumming and some fingerstyle) and …I‘m not the tallest guy around.

So I was thinking about buying either a Grand Auditorium, a 000 or a Grand Concert.
I definitely have to check them out and play them in some store.

Do you have some experience with Taylor 312ce (my fave) Grand Concert guitar?
Other options would be the Taylor 214ce DLX or the 314ce.

Maybe you have some more recommendations?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Cheers from Germany
Mike :slight_smile:

btw - here‘ s the Strat I bought:


Welcome to the forum Michael nice look strat.

Really can’t help you to much with the new Taylor guitars with the V bracing but I do jam with a friend who has 2 of the older X braced.

A 3xx and a 8xx sorry don’t know the exact models. The 3xx is an all mahogany and is the only Taylor I’ve ever liked the sound of. It’s a killer guitar for drop D tuning. The 8xx to me is way to bright and not worth the price he paid for it.
He loves both of them but plays the 3xx way more than the 8xx.

Any of the Taylor 300 series and above are solid wood. 200 and below are laminate and made in Mexico.

With your budget there is a lot to choose from. I’d suggest going to as many music stores and play as many guitars in your price range and pick the one that speaks to you. Half the fun of buying a new guitar is playing lots of guitars.

Welcome Mike, looks like you have found the secret formula yourself already :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Mike,
Welcome here and Happy NGD :partying_face: :sunglasses:
Did you buy a headless guitar? :wink:

Hello Mike and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

That is a lovely looking Strat. I love the colour of it.

I have a Taylor 224Kce-DLX and absolutely love it! It is solid Koa. The more it gets played the better it sounds.
A guitar playing friend, who is very knowledgeable, once told me: ‘You can’t go wrong with a Taylor’.
I tried many similar guitars by a number of popular makers. The Taylor seemed to have a more complete sound and the neck felt very comfortable to me.
However, everyone is different, so do try as many different guitars as you can.

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I guess this has more to do with the player than the guitar. :smiley:

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Hey y‘ all

thanks for your replies. I‘ m glad I found this forum and Justin‘ s course.

I think it‘ s awesome to talk to other guitarists and exchange ideas.

@ChasetheDream: I played the Taylor Grand Auditorium in a store once & I loved it.
My question/concern is - is it comfy to play it sitting on a sofa or would the Grand Concert be the better choice.

Another option I just found is the Yamaha AC5R ARE. Haven‘t played it yet but from what I heard and saw on YT it‘ s also a real nice guitar that sems to sound a bit woodier than the Taylors (even though I like their bright tone).

and… here‘s another pic with the Strat‘s head. :grin:


@SgtColon: thx :+1:t3:
@stitch: thx :+1:t3:
@liaty: thx :+1:t3:


You would really need to sit with both to decide. Both of my Taylors are GAs so I cannot give you a decent answer. I will say I can sit on a sofa comfortably and play them. I am 5’6" with short arms and a bit of a belly (or maybe my arms are normal and the belly just makes them feel shorter :rofl: )

Hello… I have a Finegold 000 all solid wood, hand made purchased 25 years ago that is still my favorite to play. Good Luck :slight_smile: Jim

Welcome to the group.

Top is solid. Back and sides are laminate

Yes, the back and sides are layered. But the wood is totally Koa. I could’ve been more specific.
Still a great guitar, in my opinion.

Happy NGD Mike and welcome to the Community.

The Strat looks gorgeous but I would say that its its a ringer for my MiM Roadhouse Deluxe bar the fact mines a trad SSS but has the 6-way on board pre-amp. And if you’re in Germany I have a strong suspicion it may have come from the same outlet ! :wink:

Enjoy :+1:


Yes they are great guitars. People who like Taylor Love them My buddy has 2 and loves them both.

This is right from Taylor’s Website
: Taylor’s layered backs and sides incorporate three layers of wood, featuring a middle core of poplar with a veneer on each side.

Who ever told you that it was layers of Koa was misleading you. I’m not trying to put down your guitar, You obviously love it and it’s a fine instrument. I just think people should know what they are buying when they spend $1500 + on a guitar.

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thanks for your answer. Seems like we share the same height.
I really need to check the GA again.

I feared it might be too big for playing on the sofa and not comfortable enough but I guess it‘s also about what you are used to.

So the plan is I go to some guitar store in February and play some guitars including:

Yamaha AC5R
Yamaha FSX5
Taylor 214ce DLX
Taylor 224ce DLX
Taylor 314ce and a
Taylor 312ce

Those are my favorites. Then I try to find out which one is my next guitar. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Salut Madman :slightly_smiling_face:

seems like you have good taste. :wink::metal:t4:
And I got my Strat (as well as the DiMarzi PUs) from the big T.


PS.: La Normandie est super belle. J‘adore!

Thanks for that, Stitch. I looked all over the Taylor site and couldn’t find that info. A chat with a CS rep verified your info. Now I know not to rely on dealer info alone.

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That’s a nice Strat you’ve got, hope to hear you playing something soon … :slightly_smiling_face:

Re acoustic guitars, I’m also looking for my dream acoustic, and I also don’t know what it will be yet. The closest so far is a Taylor 322ce. Have you tried that one, along with the 312ce? I’ll be looking for your review on whatever you end up buying!