NGD - Gretsch G5422TG

I have become the happy owner of a Gretsch T5422TG from our local guitar shop. There were only 2 available; G5622T and G5422TG.

After trying both I came home with the G5422TG. As it was the demo model, I got some discount. Next day I ordered a Roller Bridge, which I have just installed today. Bone Nut and TV Jones Classic pickups, might come later.

Found some cool videos on how to setup the guitar, which for sure have helped getting the things done. Since I have worked with other things that is of similar nature, it wasn’t that hard for me to do. Got the intonation down to ± 0.5 cent. In my ears, it is pretty darn close to perfect.

At the shop I was told, that not so many looked for a Gretsch. Though I do know they are popular other places and it sure have its use.

I have read comments about the Bigsby Vibrato and what it can be used for. Some even block it or never use it. It really can add to the overall music. Some really cool effects can come out of it also.

“Hermanos Gutierrez” might be better to answer that via their music:

Wish you all a most lovely day. Cheers :sunglasses: :pray:


Hello Kim & Happy NGD!!!

That’s a really beautiful new Gretsch!!! As for the Bigsby… I’m lovin’ that!!!
After seeing this:,vid:YCwellRgo0w,st:0
I knew that there was a Bigsby equipped guitar in my future!!!
Sad that we lost Duanne Eddy a few months ago… he was the Father of “Twang”. He really used the heck out of that vibrato to great effect!!!
I hope you enjoy your new instrument… have lots of fun with it!!!


P.S. My favorite Duanne song which is appropriate here in JG kand with Blues Immersion going on - 3:30 Blues!!!'clock+blues&tbm=vid&source=lnms&fbs=AEQNm0AbzhUJjXv6jRup8eVc0BvPA8peYSnGXEnVOSGaDM6Bgy7IAtKN6lpkoTFMVcSZecLRrfEzrkGz5dQJDq_Hya65uVm96OaiTdt6O_KO21ZVxjt-qy6H-KcCVidzg8PytVlIaQz5beRUFCU2r9I2MSe1qcScjVUWPruxGh1oVSWbwXzuuTYwb6IO1yFnmpP27ghSc-J7qyBLHjhTF7rVSDU0lM6ujQ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi5jLjH25CHAxXEho4IHVzKDIoQ0pQJegQIERAB&biw=390&bih=628&dpr=3#fpstate=ive&ip=1&vld=cid:248590eb,vid:3B95rRq-SIw,st:0


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That’s a beauty!

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Thanks a lot. Just listening to Duanne Eddy while cooking. Can remember some of the tunes from my childhood from the radio of that time. But name-wise its not something that connects. COOL guy, for sure. Certainly blues in that one you presented. Also heard bluessy tones in some of his other songs. Thnx a lot for introducing me to some history and The Master (Father) of Twang. Awesome :+1: :joy: :sunglasses:

PS. Just found this interview with Duanne Eddy. Some very interesting history lesson.

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Congrats! :confetti_ball::guitar::metal:

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Yeah! He was pretty cool! I didn’t realize that he did so much instrumental music for the movie industry, (He had a short-lived career as an actor… good that he stuck with music as a career, he wasn’t very good acting) lots of old Westerns had his music in the soundtracks, High Noon with Gary Cooper is one of them!
He was also the very first Rock-n-Roll artist to have a “signature” guitar named after him. Other artists had signature models but Duane was the first from the Rock genre!

Sorry to hijack your thread… back to your sweet new baby! have fun!


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You are not hijacking. Luv what you tell and I luv history lessons and to expand my knowledge :wink:
Exactly things like what you tell, is part of my guitar journey.

Yes, I also was wondering if he was doing soundtrack to some of the old western movies. They played on our only TV-channel in my childhood and youth at least once a week :joy: Spoonfed with that :rofl:. Running back and forth from the kitchen… :joy: so hadn’t time to look it up yet…

Yeah, already played around with it a lot. Have no pedals, so it goes into the DAW (Reaper) and got some plugins. ATM playing with a Plugin from Tukan called Guitar Station 2. Pretty cool when not having the real gear. :slight_smile: I just luv this new toy and as @markr31 says, yup, a true beauty. I wanted it in walnut brown, but actually happy I got a 6120 Chet Atkin look-alike…very cheap version though… :rofl: :joy: but I am just as happy… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Happy that this is good for you! I really like the color of your Gretsch

Gretsch makes their guitars in a huge price range! I’ve seen new guitars for under $500 to well over $4000!!! Having played several different models at the guitar store, I think the less expensive ones are very good value & sound really good! I’ve thought about getting their Duane Eddy signature model, but it’s a bit too much $$$ :astonished:$$$!!!

My next music relate purchase will be a computer… the pc we had was old & died a bit ago. Since smart phones replace so many things I used to do on the PC, I haven’t replaced it yet. After I get a home computer, I’ll start to think about DAWs. Are you happy with Reaper? So many confusing choices out there & I don’t want to spend a lot of money or time getting used to a DAW, then decide to replace it with something else later…

Have you posted an AVOYP with the Gretsch yet? I’d like to hear it!


Very happy about Reaper, but I have to admit, learning curve is pretty steep. But its cheap and can do all the things the more expensive DAW’s can do. Many in this community use it, which for sure have its benefits. There are many free plugins for it. I have bought a few and also got a huge package when I bought the Arturia Keyboard.

But when first got some of the basics down, it is actually fairly simple to produce some ok stuff from it, also together with video, even for a beginner as me.

I have wanted to upload something just provide some sound samples for others to hear, but struggle a bit with the DAW, the plugins and some latency. Still working on it.
It is still very new to me, as I have been busy with many other things since I got it.

Another issue, is getting used to mute more on the Gretsch, as else it all just pile up with sound. It is a totally different ballgame for me, to have an electric compared to the acoustic. Never tried such a beast before. :japanese_ogre: :joy: Only had it for a week now.

Think I will just upload some video samples here, when I figure out how to produce something that is near what I hear from the speakers. I am very new to all this, but so much fun.

I am retired, no wife, no gf, no kids, no pets and not even plants in the window, never watch TV or listen to Radio etc, so hopefully it shouldn’t take too long before I can upload something. Already working on it 24/7 :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

Kim, thanks for relating your experiences with Reaper…

Can’t wait to your video, I’m looking forward to hearing whatever you’re able to put together!

Yes, electric is waaaaaay different than acoustic - you hear your mistakes louder & clearer! Also, as you mention, muting is more important, at least to my ears!

I have a job, a wife, grown children & grandkids - practice time is at a premium - this is part of the reason I don’t want to have to spend a LOT of time climbing up the learning curve for a DAW!!! I’d rather spend my free time pursuing learning to play songs, songs, songs as Richard likes to say!!!
Also, other interests take up quite a bit of available free time!
I will be retiring in a few years & will have more time then (hopefully)!!!


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Yes, I have been investigating for a couple of months now. I paid around $850 USD for this one and then around $80 for the rollerbridge, which was a recommended upgrade from the start, as it else might have trouble staying in tune, when using the vibrato.

As others have mentioned, the strap knot at the neck. It is too fragile. As I will never get into standing while playing, I couldn’t bother less. But it is an issue and also have been reported by others.

The FT5 Filtertrons is pretty good and is not needed to upgrade. But if really going for it, then change nut to bone and get a couple of TV Jones Classic pickups and it should be top class guitar.

It’s made in China, but personally I don’t care as long it is a fairly solid build. Recommended string gauge is 11 - 49. So I have put that on. After the setup, the playability is is smooth. The setup the shop had made was poor, but it is a discount shop I went to and they of course can’t or wont afford an experienced luthier. IT is ok for me, as I can do myself. Else it becomes a bit pricey, as they want $300 - 400 for the job I have done.

Else I can just say, it is such a cool guitar. Lovely sound as is and so versatile. Can play all genres more or less.

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Those are great, I really got my first look at them with Brian Seltzer and the Stray Cats in the 80s as a kid on MTV. But then of course Mike Ness the front man for Social Distortion. He is holding the 1960s Gretsch Annie in the photo on the back of their self titled release in 1990. I didn’t know anything about playing guitar then, but I would always know a Gretsch after 1990.


If you don’t already know know SocialD, they play a rockabilly style, rooted in a punk rock but that punk rock is heavily 1950s Gangester Style Blues influenced. I guess thats a good way to describe it, not the Wikipedia way hopefully.

Social Distortion was a big part of my life in Northern California during the 1990s. Super influential and always part of everything surf, skate, snowboard. A lot of those sounds can come from the Gretsch, so you can get a lot of different tones from it. Ness is also known for his Les Paul but you will dig it dude.

SocialD might be a bit hard for some people around here, but people should give some of their top tunes a try, they are not all that heavy. OP, you should for sure.

Just going to add on here.
Mike Ness has been putting out music for a long time, lots of different styles. He has 2 great solo releases of him just doing old school blues songs that have influenced him over the years that are really fantastic. One song as a matter of fact is a Funnel of Love by Wanda Jakson, it’s super fun. I really enjoy it. OP if you are interested in this kind of sound out of that rig the Rockabilly style stuff this guy does is pretty cool. Here is his lesson for the Funnel of love, Gretsch guitar of course. Your will find a lot of love for the Gretsch here.

Anyway there you go, Mike Ness. Just another musician who you share a rig with. Sorry so long.



Beautiful guitar. I am sure you will enjoy it

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Thanks a lot for this. Have never heard about SocialD. Looked through some live videos and saw some Elvis movements on the scene also, which actually surprised me. So obviously some inspiration from Elvis is there.

After getting into music, I had a wider deep dive via the GTA San Andreas theme song, as I like the beat and tone. That led me to what some people call L.A. Hood beats, West Coast Beats. Can hear the same elements in the surf, skate, snowboard surroundings. Certainly some cool beats and other elements from the music style used among people in those “communities”.

Compared to Rock-Punk here from Denmark, SocialD is “soft” rock, at least what I have heard so far. :joy:

During my search for a Gretsch, many mentioned that Gretsch is associated with Rockabilly. Then showed what it could do other than actual Rockabilly. So haven’t figured out what Rockabilly really is yet. :joy: Thnx a lot for introducing me to this, :pray: certainly have to dive into it.

I am not into a certain style or sound and then want to copy that. That makes no sense to me.
I use all of this as inspiration on my own journey. Just like other artists have been inspired by others.

However, I luv the Gretsch sound and effects from the Vibrato and also the versality the instrument have. Just the look of a Gretsch is enough for me, to just have it as a decoration on the wall. :joy: It’s a beautiful instrument.

That is one really cool thing about this community here at JG, that all sounds, styles, genres and approach is present here. If you luv the instrument, Guitar, Justin provides the basic foundation, no matter what sound, style and genre, no matter what direction you later get into.

IMHO, JG is the ultimate best starting platform for beginners, no matter if wanting to be a composer, improviser, Rock Star, Campfire Musician etc etc etc. Everything is here and the community also show that.

Great looking guitar, Kim, it will serve you well! Have lots of enjoyment with it!

I have two China built guitars, both are very well made and of great quality.

Are you sure about that? I always thought sitting would be much more comfortable, but meanwhile, with electric, I much more prefer a standing position, depending on what I’m playing.
Have a good time exploring your instrument!

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Sadly yes. My body is not well in the stomach region and things connected with it. Maybe to much heavy work in my younger years. Even cooking is often done sitting. I used to be one of those dudes in Lycra doing 80 - 120 km per day on my bicycle, working as farmer, carpenter, bricklayer, gardening and when the body few years back deteriorated, I had to find something else, and guitar and music became the choice. Also the reason I am retired, thus in a fairly early age.

But I have found so much joy in the music and with the guitar, so I can’t really feel sad about it. :joy: At least I can still sit most hours of the day, with some laying rests now and then.

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Yeah for sure they were rockabilly in the 90s, they have to be included into punk because their early stuff that was not major label is punk in 1983 they dropped “Mommys Little Monster” and Ness said he was inspired by the Sex Pistols. Its really hard to belive that song has been out that long.

Here it is in 1983. Nice punk beat. Its very different from the 90s Social D, and much much different from todays.

It was mostly Metal and Rock or uhg Couuuntry back then. LOL not many American bands were experimenting with new sounds in 1983.

If you do like that 90s punk sound then should look into bands like NOFX, Bad Religion, early Offspring and The Decendents. Anything associated with Epitaph Records and Production. 2nd Gen punk is different from the first british waveGeneration of punk sound of the early 80s.

I know Scandinavia has a history of hard core metal bands, like seriously Hard As F… If my memory serves, way back in high school the 80s, King Dimond and his band Mercyful fate was from from Denmark. I was more metallica and Iron Maiden personally, but yeah you are not lying, haha, that guy was not messing around, I meant when you are rocking to Odin and Freyr you better be up to the challenge. I also know the new generation of metal bands out of there from your area are supposed to be super impressive.

Anyway glad you found your way here. It is a cool place to learn for sure.

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That is certainly a way to look at it :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :metal:

Sort Sol (Black Sun) is considered by many, to be the first Punk Band in Denmark. I just entered my teenage years when that came around.

The one hit that really made their name well known, was “Let the finger do the walking”.
That would be one I would like to learn on the Gretsch and play around with. I feel it just fits to a modified Gretsch sound.

I had albums from Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, White Snake, Pink Floyd, Lou Reed, Police and many other bands from that time. As time have past, I more and more moved into much softer sounds. Soothing music. Though now and then Odin and the rest of the gang get the better of me :joy: :rofl: :joy: but never heavy metal and headbanger and stuff like that. Way toooo much for me.

True, there is many hard core metal bands, heavy metal, dark metal etc, in Scandinavia and seem to be more the further north you go. Sweden, Iceland and especially Finland. It’s way too much for me. Gothic Rock is also something that slowly became a thing and is now pretty big actually.

The sound and melody is easy recognizable in other newer songs. It is also heard from earlier. Kim Larsen have that kind of sound in the Band “Gasolin” from his early years.

Here is what wiki says about Sort Sol:

“”“”“”“”"Sort Sol is a Danish rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. The band was formed in 1977 as a punk rock outfit, originally under the name Sods (stylized as SODS). The name Sort Sol was taken in the early 1980s. It translates to English as black sun and is named after a nature phenomenon particular to Denmark, where huge bird flocks gather in the sky and appear to block out the sun.

The Danish press often refers to their musical style as punk due to their origin, though nearly everything they have put out since 1980 is more reminiscent of styles such as post-punk, art-rock, gothic rock and even industrial music.“”“”“”“”“”"

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Not likely going to happen anytime soon, if ever :joy: I only play for my own pleasure and improvise on the fly. For now I am not even composing anything really, though I do write down ideas I get along the journey. (It was my plan from the start, to compose, and the main reason to learn to play the guitar. I partly have skipped that part.). I do record some also, as it might become useful for me later.

Else I am just learning, learning, learning, practice, practice and practice. Techniques, chords, rhythms, theory, history, learn about bands and artists that are yet unknown to me, though even a lifetime can only do a fraction. - Making melodies and improvise on the fly, as I get better at the instrument. Let things develop naturally.

As techniques become better, learning more chords and rhythms, more advanced music develop naturally for me. I am in the lucky situation, that composing and especially improvising is easy/natural for me. I have other things I struggle with, that comes easy to others. Just how it is. We all have our advantages and disadvantages. No big deal and no need to make any fuss about it.

Learning other peoples song is not needed for me, nor do I have any interest in it as such, though I luv to listen to originals from known and unknown artists and get inspired from that.

Now is time for me to learn how to control the Gretsch. I have skipped all the videos from Justin, where he used an electric guitar, so I will be starting from scratch and learning from all those lessons I have skipped. That will hopefully give me the techniques I need, in order to be able to control the Gretsch.

Though the Gretsch is such a lovely instrument, I also see the many many hours ahead, just to be able to control the beast :japanese_ogre: :joy: :joy: :joy: ---- Since things have started to flow with the acoustic, I don’t feel any frustration or urge to learn quickly with the Gretsch. It takes the time it takes and I will ensure that joy will be max every moment I give it a try. That’s my main goal, just to have fun, joy and learn as I go along.


Happy NGD, Kim! :partying_face: :smiley:

It’s a beauty! :star_struck: Hope it plays and sounds well. Good on taking the time to tweak stuff like intonation already, it gets the two of you even closer and makes playing probably even more enjoyable. :slight_smile:

I wish you loads of fun with your new “toy”. :smiley: