NGD - It was love at first sight

After the rather significant stress in the last weeks, my husband and I had agreed that I need a visit to the music store…

So I went to check out a Taylor GS Mini e Koa and a Taylor Academy 12e. Tested both of them and both were badly out of tune. I did like playing the Academy 12e, playing the Mini also felt really comfortable, but somehow the real spark was missing. Started wandering around the store thinking which of the two I wanted to have, or whether I wanted any of them at all…

Well… Close to the Taylors were electric guitars. For whatever reason the Fenders didn’t tempt me. But then in the back there was this beautiful tele style guitar. Rosewood neck, matte white finish. I just had to play it, to test how it feels. But then…

The price tag it had, didn’t encourage me. It was an amount I wasn’t willing to pay. Still, since I had it in my hands anyway, I just needed to test it… And it was, I don’t know: Love at first sight or at the first strum, if you will. Yes, it was out of tune as well. Not as badly as the acoustics. The feel, the haptics, the playability. “Warmth” is maybe the best word to describe it. But then… the price… I put the guitar back to where it had been.

When I was turning to continue my internal debate about the acoustics, I saw a brown version of the white tele style guitar. Only that this one’s price tag featured a 40 % discount sticker…
I became hopeful, thinking I can always ask whether the white one is on discount as well. Took it again. Played it. Attempted a proper F. My arch enemy. And… It worked. Not at the first try but at the second. That was when my internal dialogue changed to “I need this guitar, whether it’s on discount or not.”

What can I say? :grinning: It was on discount. It was the last one they had (good because I wanted that exact guitar).

May I proudly present my: Godin Stadium HT Trans White RN

Hmm… And since the guitar was on discount, I bought an amp as well. (From now on it will be only porridge, potatoes and beans for many months it seems. But so be it.)


Thats a cracker–have fun with it :smiley:

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Dang! What a great find! Most important is you love and will play it!


Nicole @JokuMuu - What a beautiful instrument. I have a weakness for white guitars. Congratulations! Coupled with your new amp, it appears you (and your wise husband) have much musical joy in your future!


What a beautiful guitar!! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it :slightly_smiling_face:

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So you’re going down the electric path? :grin:
Happy NGD!! It was a beaut!

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Happy new gear day!

So, we won’t read to much of you the next weeks, i expect. You might be busy :rofl:

Have fun!


Well, wise and wise :slightly_smiling_face: He had the honour of driving and went shopping himself. We agreed to meet back at the car after I’m done. He also several times instructed me that whatever would happen… “No crying in the parking lot”.


:rofl: Busier than now for sure. There will be so much experimenting to do. Fact remains though that I love writing as much as I love music :partying_face:


Hmm… Let’s see :slightly_smiling_face: I had the guitar store guy, who of course played much, much better than I, play the guitar through the amp he had recommended to me and the guitar really sounded great in clean sound as well.

I know absolutely nothing about amps, so there will be a lot of experimenting and a lot of learning. And I’m as excited and happy as a child at Christmas :gift:

Nice! Great looking guitar and more importantly you fell in love with playing it! Congrats

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Looking very nice Nicole, can’t wait to hear it and the Spider in action.
Happy NGD and NAD


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Great to read some good news from you after all the stressful weeks you’ve had :hugs:

What a beautiful guitar :star_struck:
Congrats :sunflower: :tada:

Have lots of fun with her and the new amp :smiley: :guitar:


Happy NGD!
You picked a good one.

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Beautiful guitar! :star_struck:

Happy NGD! You’re going to have so much fun with that :grinning:

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That is one super cool guitar.


I had never heard of Godin guitars. But you are in good company. Here’s Leonard Cohen playing his…



I really like the look of that. Would definitely benefit from a black and white snakeskin guitar strap. I actually have one so may need to get a white tele to pair it with.

Slightly off topic - Every instrument is out of tune in a store. There are an infinite number of free tuning apps for the phone that are very accurate. Nobody minds if you adjust the tuning.


Looking good, liking the curves on the rear, they will make comfortable playing. Enjoy. :smiley:

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I couldn’t agree more :+1: :smiley:


… and luck at the same time.

This guitar looks simply stunning. Well deserved Nicole!!