NGD Kremona classical

GAS attack! But back to what I wanted in the first place. Classical guitar. So nice!

Kremona 90th Anniversary. Western Red Cedar and Pau Ferro. Sounds so defined and so light to play. Used of course, but minty.


Very nice! Shiny!

What a beutiful guitar!!

Congrats… please give us a feedback on how it plays and sounds…

That looks rather nice! Very nice figuring and book matching on the back :heart_eyes:
Happy NGD!

Happy NGD Josh, that is a beaut and it is very shiny. :smiley:

That’s a work of art Joshua, beautiful. And those tuners are stunning! Hope to hear it in an AVOYP at some point.
Happy NGD! :slight_smile:

Lovely. Happy NGD. I always think it’s a shame when guitars have such a beautiful back. No one gets to see it!

Looks wonderful, Joshua, wish you much joy playing (and of course sharing)

What a beauty, enjoy and have fun!

And there was me thinking you were just shooting the breeze every time you mentioned suffering from GAS :laughing:
Beautiful looking guitar, Josh. That high gloss makes it look spanking new!
May you enjoy your picking even more on that beauty :smiley:
(btw, the guitar next to it in the first pick looks impossibly small- like a toy :thinking: :laughing:)

It is all about the angles…

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What a pair!! I see you have not been in the budget department when picking guitars Joshua :rofl: looks stunning!
How is Larrive? Curious on the sound and playability. Never seen one in real life. But it looks stunning…

Hi Joshua,
Happy N.G.D. :partying_face:
I wish you a lot of fun with it… will you show us a video how it sounds?

Thanks every one!

I have only played it one evening so far. It sounds very clean (if I hit the notes right🙄). Light, defined and articulate. Not too bright (I was worried about that with the Pau Ferro), probably a little warm but well balanced. Very even across the strings. I think the action is a little low, actually, but no buzz, but the relief is low as well. I think it is the strings (no truss rod) but although it came with used strings, they are nice (Savarez Corum Alliance 500 AR ) and I want to try them for a bit.

It is a really nice guitar, much better than required for me at this level, I cannot (yet!) do it justice. But you all know how it goes, when you get something in your head like this. Sigh…
It is a guitar I will love to pick up and play. When I feel ready I will post on AYOP.

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I know nothing about classical guitars. But i love the sound and the looks of them. And this one looked fab.
Please put out a AVOYP when you feel up to it… looking forward to some classical tones from you Joshua :grin:

( of course it can be justified!!! As long as the instrument is played regulary its all fine… bet there is a load of highend instruments around that is rearly used… )

Apparently I have more money than sense! I do buy used, so both cost half or less of new prices. I am also selling two guitars and some electric gear, which will return more than the cost of the new guitar…in theory.

I love the Larrivee! That one is an OM-2, their no frills entry level, but same as their OM-3. Mahogany/Sitka. Well balanced, comfortable to play. A great guitar that plays much better than its price range. Larrivee is known for great wood selection and well crafted instruments.

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It looks fab, hope you will spend a lot of time with it. :wink:

My Larrivee will be jealous, no doubt…or maybe it will sigh with relief🤔

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Well, better than without (neck) relief :nerd_face:

That’s a lovely guitar! I like the polish and shine on it and it does look as-new. Great find!

Got any tips on beginner classical songs to try on a (steel string) acoustic, before I commit to a nylon-string?