NGD - Martin D-15M

Just sharing my excitement for my new acoustic guitar. When my wife and kids asked what I wanted for Father’s Day, of course my answer was money for a new guitar! Little did they know I’ve been saving up and just needed a little more to get over the top. Haha. As the title says, it is a Martin D–15M. Solid wood mahogany on the top, back and sides. My first all solid wood guitar / made in the USA. Amazing sound. New cover soon to come!


Man congrats that looks gorgeous

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Congrats! :guitar::confetti_ball::metal:


Very nice Tosh, I really like the sound of a mahogany acoustic, they’re so mellow sounding. I had a OO size Sigma that was from the era when Sigma guitars were exactly the same as a Martin (Pre owned), if there’s one guitar that I regretted parting with it’s that one!

Hi Tosh,
Happy NGD :partying_face: :sunglasses:

Happy NGD Tosh! :partying_face: :tada:
Congratulations! She’s beautiful! and solid mahogany would sound amazing :smiling_face:
Looking forward to hearing her with your new cover :grinning: :sunflower:

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What a super gift Tosh. Looks a cracker, will it get some Cash exposure ?
Happy NGD.

That’s lovely Tosh, I’ll definitely look forward to hearing you play! Enjoy and happy NGD :slight_smile:

Congratulations Tosh, looks a beauty :smiley:
… but is Black-Cash-Martin not going to be jealous? :wink:

I was road-tripping on Father’s Day, but not a single phone call/ txt to say Hi :cry:
Reminded me of this Peanut gem :rofl:

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Congratulation Tosh!
What a beautiful guitar.

I think I may have played that guitar, or at least one very similar being all mahogany at my local music store about a month or two ago.
While I’m a very happy Epiphone DR500 owner, and I love the tone of my guitar. That Martin I played at the music store over took my DR500 by a notable difference.
Man the sound of that martin was just so full and warm. I was astonished as to how good it sounded. Like for sure better than my DR500. Let alone it’s looks of all Mahogany.
Great score man!
You’ll make music with that one for many years to come I’ll guess. Likely a guitar you’ll keep for a lifetime.

Will you be playing us a tune on your beautiful new guitar? :wink: :wink:

Congrats, that looks awesome.

Happy NGD, Tosh! :partying_face: :smiley:

What a beauty and personally, I love the sound of all mahogany-guitars a lot, it’s so warm. :slight_smile:

Wish you lots of fun playing and looking forward to hearing the two of you. :wink:

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Oh, absolutely! Haha

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Black cash Martin probably will get jealous so I’ll be sure to give him some playing time too :laughing: but hey, a little competitive spirit between guitars is always a good thing, right?

Beautiful guitar, Tosh!
Just think, a few more and you won’t need to retune to play alternate tunings.
One for standard, one for drop D, one for open G and one for open D.
If memory serves me correctly you are getting close.

Genuius! I now have 4 guitars - 2 electric and 2 acoustic. So getting pretty close already. The Tele should definitely be open G for Keef stuff :laughing:

That is one good-looking guitar that the guitar model is holding! Congratulations!

I’m loving it! Thanks!

Congratulations Tosh :bangbang:This is a very special day :bangbang: Enjoy :partying_face: :champagne: :cocktail:

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