NGD: MusicMan Reflex (for the second time)

Hi guys,

A few years back I bought an awesome white MusicMan Reflex, but like an idiot I sold it to fund new gear.
But now I’ve rebought the guitar… this time in gold top finish. Can’t wait for it to arrive!!!

@LBro Yeah, the same model that I once convinced you to buy in black. Hope you still enjoy yours!!

(my wife will probably/hopefully take this welll… )


Beautiful. Love the color.

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ooooh one of the expensive ones! very nice Kasper. Not sure I’d be able to sneak that one past my eagle eyed wife. At least you know you’re going to enjoy it.

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What a beautiful guitar, will be pure magic in your hands Kasper!!

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I’ve often said, but will repeat:
Never met anyone who regretted spending money on something they enjoyed.
Happy NGD :smiley:

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Thanks all! Can’t wait to put it to good use!!!

Very nice guitar Kasper, looks absolutely stunning happy NGD!

Enjoy it Kasper, looks gorgeous.

Looks amazing, happy NGD! Can’t wait to hear it in action.

My son, you have sinned greatly in selling your old Reflux! Only by this act of buying shall ye be forgiven!

Yeah, I still have my black Reflux. The one I bought from a collector that never played it for all of about $950. It has become my go to guitar. The action is a full 1/64 lower than any other guitar I have and have worked on.

I love everything the Music Man is. The neck on back is a hand rubbed oil finish and fast as can be. The locking tuners are wonderful and it just has a great feel in the hands. A must have guitar! Workmanship is 2nd to none too!

Can’t wait till you get it Kasper. Time for you to make an entire production from scratch and let your new ax sing!

Congrats on getting back to your roots!

That sure is one pretty guitar, if it plays as good as it looks it’s going to be just wonderful!
Looking very much to hearing it in action!

That is very sweet, can’t wait to hear it !
Boy I had to get away from that website tout suite, the old itch was returning !! :sunglasses:

That is a tasty looking little number and I love the colour as well.

:rofl: on the wife taking it well, comment. Surely you’ll not have to sell this one for a deposit on a flat? :smiley:

Ha ha, no nothing like that. I actually have a very, very understanding wife.
Her main concern (which I can understand) is really space. Guitar cases takes up a lot of space, and so far I’ve only been able to fit 5 guitar hangers on the wall. So I do try to limit myself to 5-6 instruments in total. I’ll probably sell some other guitar for this one… just to reduce the clutter.

I try to explain to her that 5-6 guitars is actually not that much, considering how much time I spend on this hobby. But she doesn’t have ANY expensive or space-consuming hobbies, so it’s always a hard sell :wink:

Gear collection is a strange thing indeed! I asked the seller of this guitar how come it was in such a pristine condition, and with all original material included (the so-called “case candy”). He told me I would be the third owner of the guitar - but neither he or the previous owner had used it at all… just collected it?!? Isn’t that just strange/insane?

But it means I’ll be getting a complete new (apparent it’s called a “case queen”) guitar for half the price. So I can’t complain…

But one thing is for sure - the “unused” status is going to end when it’s in my possession :wink:



What a fitting gift for a man who loves to play guitar. It will give you wings. Happy for you Kasper.


I think it’s very sad when an instrument never gets played but what a bonus for you Kasper.

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Ooh conftaulations on a fine purchase Kasper. Enjoy. :slight_smile:

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I am sure Ksper will be playing the heart out of this on. After getting the Gretsch for Xmas I have mine on strict rotation.:sunglasses:

It arrived safely. I’ll admit to being a little bit worried - unknown shipping company from Spain, piss poor rating on TrustPilot etc… but in the end there were absolutely no problems!

As I mentioned, I really regretted selling my white one… but there is a silver lining to the whole story after all… because this new gold top one plays even better than what I had before. The neck is absolutely perfect. It was delivered to me with an incorrect setup and actually played poorly… but it took me 30mins to do a full setup, and now it plays like an absolute dream. Feels 100% like a new guitar to me… still can’t believe it “lived” for 12 years without anyone really playing this fine instrument.

Here it is “in the flesh”: