NGD! My first acoustic - Yamaha

Hi all

I already own a Yamaha Pacifica 112v and. Gibson Les Paul Standard 50’s (I really should actually learn to play at some point haha)

But felt like I ‘needed’ to get an acoustic to complete the set so to speak.
After doing some research reading reviews etc I went up to PMT in Bristol last week and picked up this beauty Yamaha APX600 after a quick play to make sure it ‘felt right’

Only just got her back from the local shop as I wanted the action lowered, they managed to lower the low E from just over 3mm to just under 2.5 at the 12th which has a lot of difference


Congrats, Paul, beautiful guitar! Hope you have lots of fun together. Good decision on the setup too!

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Hi Paul,
Happy NGD :partying_face: :sunglasses:
Nice a black one :sunglasses:

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Congratulations Paul!!! Happy NGD!!!
She’s a very beautiful acoustic, love the shape of her bridge, it reminds me of wings - like she wants to fly into wonderful rhythms!!!


P.S. It’s time to start thinking about the next excuse… you’re going to have to justify guitar #4 somehow!!! :wink:

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Paul @MrPB
Really nice I am a fan of Yamaha and cutaway shape, looks like an APX600 in black :guitar:

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Happy Shiny NGD!

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Happy NGD.
I have an APX 500 and it is a fine guitar, especially considering it was a 2nd hand bargain.
When I took it to a tech to lower the action he did not shave the bridge on the bottom edge due to the pickup type. Instead he reshaped the top to lower it and carved a new surface including compensation for the B string.


Ha funny you should say that, I’ve already planted the seed with the wife for another one

It certainly is an APX600, forgot to say that in the op

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Lovely guitar, congratulations.

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Beautiful guitar :heart_eyes:. Happy NGD and lots of fun with your new six-string-friend :partying_face::star_struck:!!

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Congrats Paul!

Real nice score!

I read where you were getting this earlier.
So when I was down at my local music store I tried one out. Very nice guitars are a real reasonable price. Sounded real good to me too.

Ya got a real beauty there man. Have a blast making some great music with that.

So your at 3 guitars. Cool. A HSS elec., a humbucker elec. and a 6 string acoustic.
And it sounds like ya got yer wife hip to some more. Very cool. So what’s Next? May I suggest something w/p90s. :wink:

Have fun Paul with your new guitar!


Lovely guitar Paul. I bought my wife the same to learn on. However she’s set on learning to play the piano so now it’s mine. Oh dear, how sad, never mind :joy::joy:


Happy NGD Paul, lovely.


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Happy NGD Paul!

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Looks fab, congrats

Happy New Guitar Day! She’s beautiful. Since you have a Les Paul and a Strat-type, maybe a Telecaster for your next guitar? Just thought I’d throw that out there, as the setup is never complete! haha

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Hmmm, this one makes four, is that enough for a club?

Here is my 1993 APX 9-12, it’s currently getting some love hence the no-strings nudie shot.
Congrats on the new guitar, I hope it brings you years of joy!


How about a 335-type rather than another solid-body?


Funnily enough when i took this one in to be set up I had a play on some of the guitars in the shop and that included a few real nice Tele’s :slight_smile:

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