NGD - My first electric

Hi All,

As I practice and get a little better. I thought that an electric that I could play acoustically will keep the sound to a bearable level for the wife and dog. My Washburn acoustic D-15 can get a little loud.

I’m a country and classic rock fan, so the Telecaster is what I chose. This Squire Affinity just fit me and felt “right”. It seems like guitar playing is like in Harry Potter with the wand s; the guitar chooses the player.



Happy NGD Ray

Happy NGD

Happy New Guitar Day Ray!!

We is, it’s Tele weekend for the community :wink:

Looks fabulous, happy NGD!

That’s a beauty, may you spend many happy hours together :guitar: :smiley:

Happy NGD, you won’t regret having a Telecaster, I think everyone should have one in their collection!

Happy NGD Ray, you can’t go wrong with a Tele and welcome to the club. Enjoy.

Seems that way :joy:

Happy new telecaster day

Happy NGD, Ray!

The more I listen to the sound of Telecasters, the more I share this opinion :blush:

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The Squier Affinity series are excellent budget priced guitars. I started 3 years ago with an affinity Stratocaster and it’s still the the guitar I use now, (although I wouldn’t mind getting a Telecaster at some point to go with it).

Congratulations, Your guitar picked well.

Happy NGD. May the bond be long-lasting! :guitar:

Have a nice NDG ! Looks great ! Lots of fun ahead

Happy NGD!!

Very nice looking guitar. Congrats.

Looks great, and I especially love the black pick guard. Happy NGD!!

Enjoy, that was a good choice!

Thanks everyone! I appreciate the well wishes.

I still can’t believe that I have a Tele. It’s inspired me, as a less than 3 months beginner guitar player, to learn the opening riff to Thunderstruck. Down the rabbit hole we go! lol