NGD - The Arrival

The other week I was expounding how fiddling with my amp led me to question the need to ever buy another pedal or indeed guitar for that matter.
Well now, I can report an interesting follow-up study reveals that GAS does indeed trump well-reasoned arguments and rational thought.
Less than 12 hours after @DarrellW pointed out a nice guitar, I had already hit the buy button for my birthday.

It arrived today

The :smiley:
I could not find any faults with it, despite being B-stock.
I like the (Daphne blue) colour (I have 3 black guitars)
The roasted maple neck feels amazing, and I think I’d keep it for that alone.
Stainless steel frets & locking tuners.
I’ll have fun with the tremolo arm.
I love the chrome controls (don’t know why most guitars have the plastic ones?)
Reasonably well set up.
Excellent value for £280

The :cry:
It doesn’t affect me now, as I don’t bend, but the strings feel ‘scratchy’ when you do bend them. I’m not sure whether it is just the frets that need a little polishing or if it’s the actual fingerboard (a bit of oil/sanding?). I was aware of this from a German review I watched before buying)
I expected the sound from the single coil pickups to be ‘brighter’. Most reviews say they are decent, but not great pickups, and some folk might want to switch them out later. I had a quick look under the bonnet, and it seems fairly straightforward. We’ll see.

Anyway, it’s a keeper and I’m already bonding with it.

Two questions:
The humbucker is tilted back towards the bridge (actually similar on my Hagstrom Viking). Anyone know if this is design or artefact? See pic. (I can’t tell the difference if I straighten it and stum)
Also a little metal ‘rod’ fell out of the box after unpacking. It has two little ratchety things in the middle. Any ideas what it is or what it does?


I think that little bar you have is for adjusting the truss rod (which is at the body end of the neck).
The frets may need a bit of a polish if they’re quite scratchy, you need very fine emery paper, something like 1200 grit or finer, then polish with lapping paste.
She looks rather nice :sunglasses:
I don’t think that the tilt on the pickup is a problem provided it’s sitting straight on the height adjustment screws.
Have fun with the wiggle stick, I know when I had a guitar with one I did!
Oh, happy NGD, I’m insanely jealous :joy:

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Nice guitar Brian!!! I quite like that blue colour as well. Maybe you’ll need to go travelling down the road of learning a bit about guitar maintainence now :smiley:

I wasn’t having you for a guy who likes these flashy colours :grinning: love it Brian you made a good choice and it looks stunning! So what is your verdict - playing the same settings on amp do both of your guitars sound different from each other or is the sound difference negligible?

Nice looking guitar. Congratulations

Beautiful carpet, Brian, love the deep reds and the geometric pattern

Ooops, nearly forgot the guitar :astonished:

Wish you happy hours of play, Brian. Looks gorgeous.

Ballad, punk, rock, I’m not fussed just look forward to a song from you playing this new guitar.

The SC pups are neck and middle that would tend to be the warmer tones. As per Adrian’s question have you tried some comparisons between Hagar and the new guitar?

I saw Darrell’s comment and he has more experience than I do. That disclaimer made, it doesn’t seem logical to me. The point of the HB pup is to reduce hum through having the two sections wound in opposite directions (I think that’s how the hum is cancelled). I’d assume that the pole pieces should be at the same height to generate same strength signal from the strings for the cancellation to be most effective.

Maybe a YT video on HB pup setup would be worth looking at.

Of course if you hear no difference then neither here nor there.

Happy NGD Brian, may you get many hours of fun from her, especially when you mix her up with your amp.

Please don’t forget to write up your conclusion once you’ve had a fiddle.

Happy NGD! Love the color!

I’ve seen this tilted humbucker thing on other guitars, and I would personally try if I could get it to sit a little more level. Seems to me like it’s going to be hard(er) to adjust pickup height when it’s sitting like this. Perhaps some of the wiring is pushing on it from under? Something to check at least…

The body-end truss rod adjustment is so nice to have, you’re going to love it if/when you decide to get your feet wet in setting up your own instruments.

The scratchy feeling when bending will go away after you’ve bent enough notes :wink: But you can also help it along the way with some polish. Never used sand paper on frets myself (although it might work), I just rubbed it real good with a polishing cloth. It’s a super annoying feeling, this scratchy bending thing… for me at least!

Happy NGD and she looks very nice! I had one from Thomann and I have to admit I did polish the frets as a few were a bit scratchy and you do use emery/sandpaper but it’s so so fine it just has a polishing action. Plenty of articles on the web and get a fretboard guard before you do it. Looking forward to hearing something from it next!

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Woooooooo happy NGD Brian. I can’t answer your questions, what use am I?

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@DarrellW Thanks for the nudge and advice my friend. (Serves you right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

@mari methinks you are right. Laziness and stinginess prevent me from doing more in the maintenance dept. I’m happy enough to take things apart and ‘have a go’. I might make a date with a good guitarist friend for a pampering night for my new toy. I’m following your building session with interest :smiley:

@adi_mrok Ahem it is a pastel :wink:
Haha, of course I can (although I did have to switch back and forth number of times to try and figure out what the differences are). My point was never that different guitars (or rather pups) don’t sound different. It was that 95% of the sound we hear comes from the amp (incl. subsequent manipulation, recording & playback device). I am quite confident that if I play a home recording (without video) nobody who will ever listen to it, would be able to say what guitar I was using.
Forgot to mention that the most ‘disappointing’ sound is when you pull the tone knob to split the humbucker to single coil, you lose a fair bit of volume for a sound that doesn’t do much for me. That’s something to bear in mind if I ever do switch pups in the future.

@ Tony, cheers mate :smiley:

Now if you had left it at that, I would have claimed you as a convert to the dark side :smiling_imp:
A propos, I’m disappointed with the carpet. I was a couple of hundred quid in Ikea. Handwoven, but turned out to be very poor quality, fraying etc. We had a fire and the insurance paid for replace old with new, so we had to get the same. Same disappointing wear :unamused:
Regarding the humbucker, I did have a quick look online, but lost the will following a flame war between folk of opposing views… :roll_eyes:
I’m sure I’ll be taking a closer look under the hood again in the not too distant future.

@SgtColon Cheers mate. Haha, this is my conclusion :laughing:
I may wheel her out for the OM so people can make their own minds up

@Kasper Mange tak! Much appreciate your advice, esp re fret scratch. I will probably go down the polishing road as I do about two bends per month, which might take longer than the time I have left :laughing:

@Rossco01 Cheers Jason. Same as to Kaspar ^^^

@batwoman ThanK you Maggie.
You are you.
That’s enough.
The answer is 42 :wink:


Happy NGD…
Beautiful color :sunglasses:

But of course, the answer to everything!


Happy NGD. Nice looking guitar

I thought it was a wall tapestry brought back from one of Brian’s exotic childhood holidays. I’m sure I saw it in one of his 8mm cine films.

Happy NGD Brian. Looking forward to hearing it in action.

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Regarding the bridge humbucker. On my SG the pup is parallel to the body but the strings cross at an angle. The humbucker only has one set of poles however.

Don’t know if this is relevant or not.

I really like that “paste image” function on the forum, so I’m going to use it again.
Going back to that humbucker tilt. On my higher end guitars there are actually three screws to adjust each humbucker. They do that so it’s possible to really control that tilt you’re seeing.

For example, when splitting the humbucker it can become relevant to (slightly) adjust the height of each coil on the humbucker. I tend to keep my humbuckers pretty much level though…
See image (apologies for the dirt - high res cameras are better than my eyes… and I do play all of my guitars :slight_smile: )

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Now why didn’t I think of that :thinking:

Sure the guitar will do as well as it looks.

I suggest a YT video on HB setup, maybe one posted by Gibson. A flame war makes me think you were looking at a Discussion Forum.

Pass the Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters

If you like the tone of that, then all is fine, but I think that looks like the PU is very high. Personally I would consider lowering it a bit. When I received my new “golden” MusicMan it had a very high bridge PU, but I felt it both overloaded the input of my interface when recording it and also the magnetic pull on the string made them fret out more easily when bending high on the neck.

I lowered mine a few mm on both sides, and have been happy with the tone and bend action ever since :slight_smile:

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