NGD today! Fender Strat

NGD today!!

I could simply not wait anymore, and it became a real nobrainer when my 12 year old girl said that she wanted to learn electric guitar a few weeks back.
So finger crossed that she will enjoy it.
To be honest i hope this beuty will be played so much by my daughter that i will rearly get my hands on it, we surfed a couple of hours around looking at guitars. She landed on this beutiful blue Strat.
Stratocaster was not my first pick though. I wanted to go for an PRS… But no, it had to be a Fender strat :blush:
We now have this agreement that if she dont like playing guitar afterall then i will take it, so i had a small saying in the color on the guitar, i did not allow pink and a few other colors :rofl:
So i had to sell my Martin D-15 to fund this beuty… I think and hope it will be worth it in the end…


Does look good, Trond. I hope your daughter gets into it and that eventually you can get the PRS of your fancy. And another amp. For the father and daughter duet performances.

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That is my long term goal David :grin:

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PRS! PRS! PRS! :joy:

Although actually I think my next purchase will be a decent Strat (The PRS is obviously HH config). A strat would certainly be better for some songs we play AND if as we’re getting a few longer sets then it’s more practical to take two guitars.

Well I’ll be looking forward to hearing it Trond…I’m sure it’ll sound sweet.

Messed around with it a few hours today, it very very easy to play on. But i have a looooong way to go before i can get an decent sound out of it… its been occupied by my daughter last hour. Shes working on smoke on the water :rofl:

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Is she using Justin’s lessons as well? I am sure you both are going to have a great pleasure while using your new guitar, happy NGD!

And I am sure pink guitar would suit your mellow performances you share with us every now and then :smile:

Hahahahaha!!! Valid point Adrien :rofl:

Yes, she has tried justin guitar a few weeks last year. But that was on a steelstring. She did not think it was to funny with acoustic and sore fingers. She is more of a rocker and electric is right up her ally… i will actually subscribe the app for her lter today.

Edit: i have actually had my eyes on the Prs silver sky with a color called dragon fruit for a while now… that is pretty close to pink :rofl:

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:thinking:…Why not,…
Light pink…the big boss plays with this colour too…and it’s a girl, of course she wants pink or other colors in that spectrum…well.
That said, this is also a very nice guitar, beautiful yet so shiny and without dust,…and that case can be my funeral coffin, no problem,…and now you can do some electric flying too :sunglasses:
But oh boy it would be great to see you two playing together in a while :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
Greetings to you strict father… :wink:

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Certainly looks more ‘pro’ to have two guitars, Jason. :laughing:

I’m not so dialed into tone that I can recall any songs you’ve played where I was thinking ‘if only you were playing a strat’? With your Pod plus EQ you’ve always managed to create a tone that worked for my ears.

The ironclad argument, if challenged by anybody, especially the missus :wink:, would be different tunings, then you can play some good old rock in open G, though you’d need a tele for that rather than a strat :grin:

She would never have picked pink anyway… she is all about black :rofl: she actually hates pink…

Then I’m curious what she thinks of my disabled Ibanez…will probably only be the color okay…matte black :spades:

She would probably love it :grin:

Shes been at it for an hour now. And no sore fingers… that is prommising :pray:


Happy NGD to you both. That is a lovely colour but I think a pink PRS will suit you Trond when the time comes. :wink:

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Happy NGD! That is a gorgeous guitar! I know it’s your daughter’s but I hope we see you in a AVoYP rockin’ it from time to time. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Now we are talking like a couple of ladies about colors…
I would like to add that a pink guitar really can’t be Trond,… that clashes enormously with the color of your chair :roll_eyes:

Had a hang up on this for the last two months…

Its not quite pink, but its not very far from either with the right lights on it…


My new Epiphone Les Paul Studio is Wine Red, mostly looks red but in the right light it def gives off a little purple. It’s actually kinda nice!

I looked her up, but that is also a very beautiful, and a special color … but in my eyes a pink variant :smile:,
And I don’t see this color much, that’s nice too :sunglasses:

Well great… now you are certainly thirsty all day :thinking:

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