NicoleKKB February 2023 - Irgendwann bleib i dann dort

Hello, my wonderful guitar friends :smiley:.
Today is the day I have been practicing towards for the last two months. I’m posting a new AVOYP :star_struck:.

In the beginning, I thought it was a rather easy song to play, but the picking pattern and the chord change from G to G7 in the chorus needed quite a lot of time and effort before they finally entered my muscle memory. On the plus side - as I’ve been knowing this song since my childhood, I could sing the lyrics by heart without any further practice :blush:.

The song is originally sung by S.T.S. - a very popular band in Austria. The lyrics are in an Austrian dialect. So, if you’ve ever studied German don’t be frustrated if you have difficulties in understanding them :wink:.
The song is about a man, who remembers his last holidays in Greece, and the wonderful relaxed time he had there. Now he’s back in his job and hamster wheel, and promises to himself, that someday, he’ll leave this stressful live to Go Back to Greece for good. (In case you’re interested in the whole song, you find the English translation here: S.T.S. - Irgendwann bleib i dann dort lyrics + English translation (Version #2) )

Any comments, feedback, and advice are very welcome :hugs:.


Very impressive Nicole. Not only singing while playing fingerstyle, which I still can’t do but seamless switching to strumming and back. I never studied German so the lyrics weren’t a problem for me but it all sounded good to me all the same. Congrats on a solid performance.



:clap: :clap: :clap:
Bravo, Nicole, wonderful when the time spent in the learning and rehearsing all comes together in a performance. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Lots and lots to like. I’ll highlight the switch between picking and strumming and back to picking. That can be tricky to stay in the groove and I think you did it smoothly.

I think you may have had one or two chord work hiccups. Really minor and only noticeable to me because I was watching your right hand so closely to catch the G-G7 change. And you played through without any hesitation or indication, which is a great skill to develop.

As for the G-G7, it took me years to be able to play G7 and eventually be brave enough to attempt a song that includes that change, which is sounds so good. What I worked on was playing a two finger G, as you do, but with my ring and pinky. It was hard to get that right but the payoff when changing to G7 is that the index and middle fingers are not in use plus the ring finger is where it needs to be.

That said, you are doing just great with the way you are playing it, so that suggestion is more food for thought than something to act on based on how you played the song. Just illustrates maybe the point that one can think about chord fingering and sometimes use different fingering based on the chord following to make something (eventually) simpler.

The song itself sounded wonderful, even without understanding the lyrics.

Some of the harmony and melody reminds me of a song we used to sing in primary school called Seasons in the Son. Maybe I’ll give that a look someday, even though it is a one of those sad songs.


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That’s lovely Nicole :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: What a beautiful song, while writing I’m re-listening for the third time…it sounds so sweet and delightful! …It’s just faboulus!

Only one technical aspect I want to tell you about, as I wish someone had told me long ago I was doing this same mistake: on the C and G7 chords your pinky is glued to ring finger…it was just the same for me and it almost drove me crazy to take it down…and I’m not fully there yet!

Thanks so much for sharing it :pray::heart::blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs::clap:

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Bravo, Nicole! As a Bavarian, living very close to the Austrian border, I know this beautiful song very well since my childhood. Madl, you did a great job! You’ve got the perfect sense for this silent melancholy, the song sends out. Great picking skills, nice voice and an overall great performance. There are so many great musicians and songwriters in Austria I really love! Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed listening :hibiscus:

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Servus, Nicole! :smiley:
“ächt dr Hammr!” as they’d say across the border.
That’s a lot of work getting those chords with that picking and vocals on top.
Congratulations. You should be proud.

As to the content: guy really enjoys his holidays and wishes his whole life was like that- but first I gotta work, haha :rofl: Ah, there was something to be said for all those folky pop songs back in the 70s :smiley: You reminded me I should listen to more continental music.

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Very nice Nicole. Very confidently played and sung. Really well done on singing and fingerpicking at the same time. This is still a skill I struggle with but you got it spot on! :sunglasses:

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That’s beautiful Nicole! :heart_eyes: :clap: :clap:
I couldn’t understand the lyrics but the feeling really came through.
Thank you for the story of the song, it’s very relatable…
And thank you for sharing I really enjoyed it :smiley:

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Nicole really great share, fantastic to listen to local cultural songs from your area as this is always something new and different to usual tracks that run through my speakers. Great job on fingerstyle and strum, you really did exceptionally well, or shall I say wünderbar! :grinning: all the best!

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Well done.
This is the way to do it!!!
Very nice singing!

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Superb Nicole! Toll gesungen und gespielt!

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Well you’ve got to be happy with that. Really good playing, came across great. Relaxed.

Of course I couldn’t understand the words, but the vocal melody sounded familiar. There must be an english song with a similar melody I’ve heard before.

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Beautifully played and sung Nicole. Confident and relaxed, well done, all that hard work over the past couple of months has paid off.
Like others have said, there’s an English song melody in there that I recognise. Not sure from where though.

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Really well done Nicole. Lovely performance. :slight_smile:
For G and G7 - when you learn the weak finger version of G using only fingers 3 and 4, your transition to G7 will be so much easier and smoother.

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Hello and good morning from snowy Austria :slightly_smiling_face:!
Before I’m going to reply to your individual comments, I’d like to send you a big THANK YOU!!! :hugs: for taking the time to listen to my song and for writing such nice and motivating comments, feedback, and advice. I appreciate that very much :blush:. You’re wonderful :star_struck:.

Hi Toby, I’m glad you like my performance :grinning:. The switches between picking and strumming took a little while, before I could do them quite smoothly. But as I use this technique also in several other songs, it was nothing totally new to me. And I really like it, as it is a great way to change the dynamic of the song (as long as I’m not able to do it with other techniques as well :wink:).

Hello David, thanks so much for your motivating and thoughtful reply :hugs:.

Yes, definitely. In the beginning of my practice I recognized that I automatically speeded up my playing while strumming and slowed down while picking. Consequent use of the metronome finally helped me to overcome this problem.

Regarding G7: I came across this chord for the first time, when I practiced songs for Christmas. It seems that G7 is particularly often used for this genre. And I really like the sound of this chord. But the necessary finger stretch to play it properly, didn’t come easily.
I also tried playing the two finger G with my 3rd and 4th finger (instead of 2nd and 3rd) to make the change to G7 a lot easier. But contrary to you, this didn’t work for me. My pinky is still too weak. In the end, it was easier to play the G chord with my index and middle finger. But it is quite possible, that over time my pinky gets strong enough, so that I can also play the G to G7 change with your suggested finger combination :slightly_smiling_face:.

Buon giorno, Silvia :grinning:. I’m so pleased you like the song :blush:.
Regarding my pinky glued to my ring finger - you’re absolutely right, and I’ve noticed this behaviour already myself, and wondered why I’m doing that. The pinky seems to enhance the pressure of the ring finger on the strings. Although I’m not happy with this behaviour of my pinky (it definitely belongs to the ‘bad habbit-category’), I have the impression that it’s getting better. Maybe, the stronger my ring finger gets, the lesser need for my pinky to support it :thinking:.
But I thank you for pointing that out. I’ll put more attention on this, now :slightly_smiling_face:.

Servus Andrea! I was quite certain that you would know the song - and understand the lyrics, of course :wink:. I appreciate your positive feedback very much. It really means a lot to me :hugs:.

Hallo Brian, vielen Dank für die Blumen :grinning:.
Learning how to play the song, took quite a while. The vocal part was much easier as I know this song for nearly all my life and listened to it countless times.
At the moment, I’m also working on a song in French. In this case, the main challenge is quite the opposite :sweat_smile:.

Hello Eddie, thanks so much for listening to my recording and your motivating feedback. This really means a lot to me :hugs:.
Singing while finger picking is a challenge, but I love this technique so much that I use it whenever it appears to be appropriate :grinning:.


Hi Jax, I’m very grateful for your kind words.

That’s a big compliment. I’m glad, that I could bring across the feeling of the song :blush:.

Thanks so much, Adi, for your positive and motivating feedback :smiley:.
I felt a bit of hesitation to perform a non-english song. But you’re right, listening to songs of different cultural backgrounds is enriching our musical spectrum :slightly_smiling_face:.

@ReneAsologuitar @andyPlays
Thank you both for listening to and commenting on my recording. I’m very pleased you like it :star_struck:.

Hi JK, as far as I know, there exists an English cover version of this song. And @DavidP mentioned, that the song reminded him on ‘Seasons in the Sun’.
Thank you very much for listening :hugs:.

Hello Gordon, I’m so pleased by your positive feedback. That really means a lot to me :blush:.
Yes, it was a lot of work - it’s good to hear, that it was worth it :slightly_smiling_face:.

Hi Richard, thanks so much for your feedback and your suggestion for another G to G7 change option. I’ve tried this in the beginning (3rd and 4th finger instead of 2nd and 3rd), as it would clearly make the chord changes easier. But my pinky was too weak. It was impossible to make the G ring out nicely. So finally, I gave up on it (for the moment) and decided to work on the bit more complicated version :wink:.


Great Sunday morning song.

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Great performance Nicole, the time you’ve put in is very clear to see there. Lovely smooth change from picking to strumming, effortless singing acoompaniment!
I’ll echo using wek finger G as the best route from G to G7, something I still need to practice more! :wink:

Bravo :clap: :clap:

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What you say about your pinky is very relatable I think. For me the first step was just to be aware of it and try to have it down on the C chord, I would say “relaxed down”, but it’s actually taking effort and practice to achieve that - if you have a close look at the Wind of change video it clearly shows how I don’t have the full control on pinky yet - the starting point was it to be glued to ring…it’s a process, a little by little with practice it’ll turn out fine!

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That was lovely Nicole. Switching between fingerstyle and strumming is a nice addition to the song and you play that very well. All around this is really a quite nice performance.

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