Nirvana - Where Did You Sleep Last Night AVOYP

As I’m having a blast with guitar these days, here is another cover:

I recognise I’m massively needing a “Justin Vocal” website here. I wish I knew of ways to make a consistent vocal process like it is possible with Justin Guitar.

Any feedback or suggestions for improvements are appreciated as always.


Oh… you are productive Serhat! I loved this one too! I like your strumming and your small licks here and there.
I want to learn this too at some point. A really really cool song!
If you have not tried. Try too mix up with capo, maybe you find a tone that is easier to sing with than original tone…
I also think your voice has a lot of potential. Have you tried to focus your voice from the deep down in your belly instead of top of the lungs? ( if that made any sense?)
@LievenDV has a post on singing that is really really good. I dont remember were it is right now, i will have a look for it…

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Thanks @tRONd!

That makes a lot of sense, is actually something I’m aware of and trying not very successfully yet.

Its by no means easy. What i find the to be best is to use capo, and see if i can find the right tone for my voice. Turns out that most things i try to sing is different from the original :rofl:

And… another important thing that i have found out… as much as i loves certain songs. And i would really really love to sing them… just not possible. Dont have the voice for it, or its just to difficult. Dont beat yourself if you trying songs and can not do it…. Just how it works i guess…


Very nicely played :clap: lots of potential in your voice as Trond says :+1: and has given some good advice along with the link to the post on singing by Lieven, which I might take a look at myself. Great stuff :v:

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Hey @elevatortrim

Singing progress comes from…singing a lot.
Try singing the song without guitar,
even without a backing track now and then (it helps you focus on the pitch and and it makes you hear how well you keep your tone.

Find your optimal key by wiviting the original on yourtube and using this chrome extension to transpose it up or down a bit:

and most of all:

major tip #1: slow down

Your rushing through this song.
This song needs to drag and slur
The tormented guiter literally drags the vocal through the song.
Slowing this down will make it easier to put more of yourself in it.

Major tip #2: stand up

We lose a great deal in vocal stability when sitting down.

Standing up REALLY IS the biggest and easiest improvement.
Yet many people I say it to, ignore it because ‘it is harder to play the guitar’.

Trust me; you get used to playing standing up in a week or 2 while you are able to go 2 or 3 semitones up in singing with stable pitch!


I love that song, and well played. I was listening to it the other day thinking I should learn it sometime.

On singing, I’ve come from a really low base and have been working on improving for a while, it’s very, very slow and personally I’ve got a long way to go. Here is a thread from a while ago with my question and the advice that was posted: Who could, only after practice, sing in tune?.

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Great song to choose, Serhat, and really well played :clap: :smiley:

Hearing any song from the Nirvana Unplugged album takes me immediately back to a specific time in my youth when I was away camping at New Year Eve with some friends. We played that album on repeat so many times whilst we sat around in the sun, drinking (underage of course! :grimacing: :rofl:) and seeing in the New Year in style… Great memories! :partying_face:

I really can’t give any advice on singing, I have no experience with that at all! :sweat_smile: However I see you’ve already had some great advice from the very experienced folk here, so I’m sure you’ll make excellent progress in no time :sunglasses: Although, in case it’s useful (and perhaps hasn’t already been mentioned?) here is one of Justin’s videos that I did watch and found really helpful myself: How To Not Suck At Singing - have you seen that? I thought Justin’s approach made singing far less daunting than I originally thought… maybe one day I’ll give it a go too?! :wink: :joy:

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Hey Serhat such a great tune you have chosen to cover, I wouldn’t be brave enough to do it myself :grinning: I think as others suggested you might want to play around with capo to find pitch you feel most comfortable with. And definitely slow down, play along to original and as Lieven suggested practice only singing and don’t be afraid to record yourself so you can double check if you are not pacing over it and you are in pitch. Definitely thumbs up for the courage here!

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Hi Serhat,
It’s already been played very well :sunglasses: :smiley: :clap: and your voice has a lot of potential (but going up high wasn’t the best choice for now,but very brave :sunglasses:)…keep this song close to you and definitely come back with all the tips you got.