Nitsuj Module 1 - Practice 1

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I love how you got confused with your first song and were strumming the wrong chords… now you know how we beginners feel, MUAAAHH HAHAHAHA!!!


Shows you really really do care, thanks Justin


This helped me a lot. I am just starting and was not sure if I was doing the practices right, but watching you fumble around and do the same things I am doing gave me confidence that I am on the right track. Thanks for doing this, I will definitely keep following along as I do my own practices to ensure that I’m doing things correctly.


I agree.

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Hi Justin,

At 59 I’m picking up guitar again after giving up in my teens. I have a left hand injury that prevents me from fretting with the left hand, but I can strum. Been playing left handed 4 months now and its feeling natural. Thrilled with your course.



Craig @chiprs
Welcome to the community and glad you have found a way to play.
Keep at it
Michael :guitar::+1:

Thanks Michael!

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Jimi Hendrix, Tony Iommi, Albert King, Kurt Cobain, Paul McCartney, Dick Dale, Otis Rush, Elliot Easton, Zacky Vengence, Jimmy Cliff, and myself are all proud of you making the effort!

You get a zero for the way you hold your pick (no pick), and another zero for your strumming arm not moving. :laughing::laughing::laughing:

I can’t begin to tell you how encouraging this is. I wish I had watched this first. Great idea, Justin

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Christine @charliebrown
Welcome to the community :grinning::guitar::notes:

This is great! The first time I have ever been ahead of my teacher :grinning: . Great to see how I should be progressing. I have tried numerous was to learn the guitar and this so far has been the best. I am starting from scratch and following Justin’s plan.

Good Luck to both of us :grinning:

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It’s funny how every course starts with, “you have to have this posture” etc. But that’s never gonna happen when you’re starting out. You improve your posture over time.
Nitsuj on this lesson was all over the guitar trying to see the fingers over the strings LOL

This is the most encouraging training I have seen in my long attempt at learning the Guitar

Thanks, Justin

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Justin - this is really fun to watch. I’m half tempted to get “the cheapest guitar I can find,” string it up for left-handed playing, and wade it. Because I wonder - at the amount of synchronicity you can achieve by forcing your body and brain to work ambidextrously. Even though I consider myself an 'intermediate" at best I’m a sloppy intermediate. So I’m starting from the beginning and review all the “Grades,” looking for my obviously weaknesses (right-handed), noting them, and then working with them.
Anyway - what fun. Respect for you to do it this way as a rank, basic, left-handed player.

Justin - Astounding that you would do this. After all you’ve achieved, I’m emotionally moved at your very attempt to re-learn the guitar. It says a lot about who you are, the life-balance you’ve achieved, and your caring and understanding nature. Thank you!


I am left handed and have been playing right handed for years. I recently discovered that I just am not very coordinated strumming with my right hand. Needless to say, I am a bit bummed that I probably should have played left handed from the start. Any advice on if it’s worth the switch.

Playing right handed is supposedly easier for left handed players, and vice versa, because the dominant hand is doing the fretting, which is more complicated.

You could always try though. It might be more comfortable. You can also get a cheap set of strings and try it on the guitar you own already when you’re going to change strings anyway.