No 6/8 songs at Beginner Level 1

I just noticed there are no more 6/8 songs at Beginner Level 1. Not that I was really a fan of the one song that was there before, mind you, but I would like to know songs using only the Level 1 chords in 6/8, as this task proved harder than I expected. Does anyone have suggestions?

Also just generally I’d like to suggest the addition of a song or two to the library, preferably at least one that’s not easy-listening schmultz because not everyone actually likes that stuff.

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If you’re capable of playing time signatures like 6/8 then you’re probably not beginner level 1 - maybe time to move on up!

Hi Tyler,
welcome to the forum first of all!
There’s This Year’s Love, by David Gray, a lesson is available here: It’s on the app as well. Next one available on the app: So Far Away, by Staind.

Fade into you, by Mazzy Star is yet an other alternative, and a recording has been shared with the community: Mazzy Star, Fade Into You cover

Hope this helps a bit.


6/8 strumming patterns are actually being taught in Grade 1, in Module 6. I just realized, many more songs are suggested in the discussion of that module: