No Body - By: Blake Shelton - Cover by LBro

This cover is another that is not exact, but it must be semi close as YouTube flagged it as a copyright violation. That is normal on strict covers though, but it surprised me on this one.

I first heard this song about 3 weeks ago and liked the vibe it had. It is supposed to be country, but it got a bit more rock oriented with my spin on it.

No goats in this one, rather some gals and dudes line dancing.

I had a mission on this one to make the guitars fuller and stand out more. I hope that comes through and I succeeded there.


All the best and let me know how you like this one. Have you heard it before?


Haha, The Brother is popping up all over my screen this morning :laughing:
No, don’t know the artist nor the song, and although country rock & line dancing is not my particular cup of meat, I can appreciate the effort that goes into putting this together and it sounds good to these lugs. Guitars sounding loud ‘n’ proud.
Well done, now grab your pardner and lets dosee-doh! :cowboy_hat_face:

Hi LBro,
I have nothing to add and totally agree with what the weir,…gent is typing here above :grin: :sunglasses:,…

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Super stuff LB. You really captured the country/rock vibe there. Great production and playing/singing. Don’t know the song but I enjoyed your version.
Cowgirls in tight jeans and shorts. Certainly easier on the eye than the goats! :grinning:

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That was great LB . New song for me but loved it. Enjoyed the video as well.:sunglasses:thumbs up from me!

You should know by now Brian that Bro is everywhere! :slight_smile:

I am not much of a dancer and I only dance to rock. So no line dancing on this one for me…

Thanks for the spin and comments!

Nice guitars, fills, growls and twangs! Also good to hear you doing the vocals on your tracks lately. You brought the full package on this one. Well done!

LBro, tip-top production as always. Excellent work on the guitars on this one. I’d say your best guitar work to date (dare I say it) by a country mile (excuse the pun)

Country-rock for the hit parade and radio play is not my usual listening fare but have to say that is one dang fine, catchy tune.

Backed up with a neat job on the music video.

Hi Roger,
Thanks for the listen and comments! Glad you liked this one!


You are too kind Gordon. Thank you! I liked the vibe too and it was one of the main reasons I did the song.

Cowgirls… Well, they fit the part and some might say, stole the heart. The goats are very upset at all this! LOL

Take care!

The bro is on :fire: Another superb production; great playing and vocals. Two thumbs up from me!

Indeed, it was a new song to me as well as of just 3 weeks ago. I think this one just recently came out too. Thanks for the “thumb extended”!

All the best to you in the new year!

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Yee-haw there partnee, that was some great playing and singing. I really enjoyed that one. If I could have found my boots, I’d have been up and dancing. Your guitar was sounding real good.

Awesome video, that’s a lot of work! I liked this a lot.

All the best to you too for Christmas and the new year!
Look forward to hearing more from you in 2023!

Hey CT,
Thanks for stopping by. I was thinking of you when I put this one together. After all, it is a guitar board… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the nice comments too. Now I have to think of something else I can get my arms around!

All the best and be well,

Not my usual java LB but had to spin it up out of interest. Some nice tone and dirt going on in the guitar department and certainly well sung. Production sounded tight and clear.
Well done.

Thanks on the guitars David. A lot of work put in there. I did the OH49 deal and transcribed some of the guitar licks and fills. Some of the others were in spots the original lead work to me was not that great, so I improvised.

Agree on the “catchy tune”. It has a driving vibe I really liked!

The video idea you gave of line dancers was good. Thankfully there was a lot of video out there to choose from. I guess them cowpokes like to dance. Who could blame them as the gals do a good number.

All the best and cheers for the NY,

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Must be getting hot in here mate! I see dual thumbs extended, thanks for that! The kind words are appreciated and mean a lot.

All the best and be well,

Hi Stefan,
Thanks for the kind words sir! You might find boots under the tree - ya never know! :slight_smile:

Thanks for calling out the guitar sound. I worked hard on the guitars, tone and such. Good to hear it paid off for you!

All the best and happy holidays,

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