No Guitar Maintenance category

On the old forum there was a category for Guitar Maintenance but I could not find one on the new forum, have I missed it or is it missing?

I think the mods tried to merge some categories together because there were just so many of them on the old forum. It’s probably a safe bet to post anything instrument related over to #gear-tools-talk:guitars

Just like the old forum used to be, before the web site was updated, there is a link to all the lessons/videos on Justin’s main lesson web site. That was how the old forum got populated. as there was a section for each item on the old website but there was not automated link between the two. There is work going on behind the scenes to tidy some of the stuff up ie category descriptions etc

So if you can’t find what you are looking for here, do a search on the main website and that will show you the associated lessons, find the one you want and follow the discussion link back here. If the answer you want is not there start a new topic in that section and ask your question. Its a clean break so the old forum content has not been moved across, unless folks are doing it themselves, as many of us are. After a while the knowledge base will be rebuilt, because the same old questions come up year after year as a new wave of starters arrive. Not a bad thing, for example as technology changes the answers change, so new answers keep things current.

Hope that helps.



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Thanks Ivan and Toby. Coincidentally I stumbled across a video of Justin’s that answer the question I was going to ask.

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