No Surprises - Radiohead Cover by Christopher

I have come back after taking a huge break playing the guitar!

One of my all-time favourites, this cover is hugely inspired by Fourtwnty’s amazing rendition of the song! I’m not naturally a good singer, so I usually try to conceal it with harmony :grinning:

Feel free to give feedback. FYI, the audio is pre-recorded and carefully corrected before the video is filmed. Comment on anything, from the guitar to the singing, to the harmony, to the video filming & editing. Basically, anything to make the performance better.


Wow, that was quite the video. Nice playing. Very cool having two of you in the video. Welcome to the community, I recommend you make an introduction post talking about your history with guitar, learning with Justin, etc :grinning:

Nice work Christopher. I really enjoyed your production and I also think you have a very good singing voice. The only piece of advice I have is to trust your voice more and just open up and go for it! Great opening post.

Hi Christopher and welcome to the Community, that’s a grand way to say hello and introduce yourself!

That was a really good performance and superb work with the audio and video mixing, lovely harmonies in the vocals, honestly not much that I can offer much advice on it was so good.

I’d echo JK’s comments, drop an introduction post at some point, would be really interesting to hear your background and your guitar history, there’s clearly some stories!!

Welcome again and thanks for sharing this :+1: :clap:

Boy I disagree with you…you sing beautifully! Very delicate and nice vocals indeed! And the guitar parts are as much wonderful! Great production too! :star_struck::blush::clap::clap::clap:

Great singing there Chris, nice one
Playing is very musical too
it would be fab to see you have a go at playing it raw, all in one take - Go For It !


Hi Christopher,

Wow, that was great. :clap: :clap: :clap:
I liked the voice/vocals, so I don’t see a need to hide it away.
Best wishes,


Thank you so much for the encouragement and nice words! :grinning:

I’m not sure if it’s because the community page was refurbished, but I have joined as a member since 2013 and have posted a few stuff previously. Anyway, here is a little intro about me

I started playing guitar in 2013 and Justin was my go-to channel because I think his beginners’ lesson is really awesome. As I started to progress into an intermediate level, I was following Justin’s blues lessons very closely. I could say I have sort of plateaued that point until today due to lack of practice and commitment issues. Furthermore, I was more focused on “playing the guitar for fun”.

Recently I started to pick up the guitar more frequently, but focusing more on how to improve on the production side because I like to post covers/originals on social media. I still watch Justin lessons occasionally (sometimes I just wanna see Justin play! :rofl:) But let’s see, hobbies are not constant.

I’m really glad to have such an awesome community to chat with. Feels like a very safe space where we are all looking out for each other. I will be looking forward to helping people in this community whenever I can. Also sometimes I will be sharing some covers/originals. Think of me as just trying to play music for you guys. :grin: All in all, I just wanna help, share music, get feedback, chat, laugh and make some friends. This is such a great space! Thank you Justin for creating it.


Hi Christopher,
Good Story :sunglasses:

And what is meant by an introduction post, we usually mean here where that orange link goes… of course you don’t have to, but now your story is read by very few people and or found later, but if you I would just do copypaste :grin:

Introduce yourself

and I look forward to more of your wonderful music-making

Hello Christopher, that was a very enjoyable rendition of this song :star_struck:.
Not just your playing was great. Your vocals were super fine as well :smiley:.

I love the video production :clap::+1:. What a fantastic idea to have two Christophers playing at the same time :smiley:.

Top job :+1:!

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Alrightyyy, will make the intro post :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for this beautiful cover of one of my favourite Radiohead songs. Loved the guitar, the vocals including harmonies and the video production. Well done!

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That was really, really good Christopher. Playing was great, singing was great, the harmonies were great and you have a really nice voice. Looking forward to other stuff that you are going to share.

It’s twins, right?

Hi Chris,

Great cover of a great song.
Lovely job on the vocal harmonies.
The electric clean tone is very nice.
Captures the dreamy quality of the original.


Hahaha not sure if you are joking but I’m flattered you thought it’s twins. It’s just a camera trick. :grinning:

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Thank you @Digger72 , I placed a hint of tube screamer in the electric tone. I think that’s what gave it a dreamy vibe.

Hi Christopher, thats clean and I like how that electric guitar sounds like. And it ought to take so much effort just to make to video, really appreciate that!

Perhaps I have been playing so much acoustic guitar and have a bit high standard of how it sounds xD Maybe you could experiment with some reverb plugins in DAW for the acoustic, it is really all about the reverb and delay that works magic on acoustic guitar track =)

Great job, and keep it up! :sparkling_heart: