Nobody But You-Cover by pkboo3, DavidP & LBro

Cover song originally done by Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani. Pam, David and LBro put in some time on this one. Our collaboration was challenging and rewarding. Hope you like it and get to know what may be a new song for you to hear. Let us know how you like it too.

Take good care,


Thanks again for the opportunity to be a part of this collab project, LBro.

Round here the old hands used to say that if the Schlaffenwagen knocked on your door to be a part of a collab you should ‘just say yes’. The same is true if LBro taps you on the shoulder. So much to learn and gain through being a part, even a small part as I was here, and a ton of fun.

LBro and Pam, great vocals together. I must tip my hat to LBro for the way in which he performed the producer and engineer roles in the project, in addition to other contribtions with voice and instruments.


Thanks David - The song would not have been as well off if not for your fine picked guitar work!

Speaking of that schlaffenwagen (@ RomanS) dude. He was in on the collab as well. I asked him to lend an ear to the project and he did, making a couple of suggestions on the mix!

You bet, thanks again for your valuable contributions David!


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That was superb. So many parts, but they work so nicely together. @LBro , I’d love to see one day behind the scenes where you show how things are mixed. :slight_smile: I feel learning how to mix is yet another long journey to take.

Sounded so goood! Love so cool when members collab like that.

Hi Kamil!
Yeah, a lot of layers in this one. At least 6 guitar tracks and uh, 9 vocal tracks. I think the project had over 220 tracks in it.

It would be a video feat to show the highlights of mixing in say a 3 minute video. But you are right about one thing. It indeed is a long journey to take in getting to know about mixing. You can get started on that journey by watching “Kenny” videos up at the Reaper video library repository, which can be found HERE!.

All the best to you and thanks for stopping by!

Great collaboration, everybody and everything sounds amazing! I’ve never heard the song before, but I’d say your version is a good one. Very enjoyable production to watch and listen to.

Yes, this was a great opportunity to play, perform and learn with these two. I am truly appreciative. It was a fun song to be a part of. Thanks, David, LBro & @RomanS!


Another one hit right out of the ball park. That was a superb collaboration. Y’all done a fantastic job and the lip syncing on the video was a nice little touch. Bravo.

Congratulations guys-
another fine forum collaboration :sunglasses:
I was only asking Pam yesterday if she wasn’t cooking anything tasty for us…
A full gourmet dinner! :laughing:

You are quite insane you know :roll_eyes: :open_mouth: :rofl:
Glad to hear the Roman is still rocking in his chair.

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What a great collaboration, ever ceases to amaze me how you do it.

Hi Alex,
Glad you liked our rendition of Blake and Gwen. They are top draw on the country scene and rock pretty good too. I have to hand it to my band mates for giving me some great tracks to mix up!

Keep on rock’n,

Hi Mari!
Thanks for the kind words and encouragement! Hard to say on our version. The pros that did this song originally are a pretty tough act to follow! But then our goal was to sort of make it our own and in that we did. Glad you enjoyed the whole deal and took in a new offering at the same time!

All the best to you,

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Wow what a terrific production. Well done guys, I really enjoyed that. Can’t imagine the amount of work that’s gone into that ….220 tracks……!
Arrangement and vocal and guitar work superb.

I’m afraid I didn’t like the video accompaniment. I’d rather have had pics of you guys in your ‘studios’.
That was a fantastic piece of work and it can stand on its own without stills of and lip syncs to the original artists. IMHO :grinning:

Is that a Grand Slam there Socio? LOL, could not resist on that one sir!

There was not much lip syncing going on in the video at our end, only theirs. Deal is, that we did the cover from that video and sang/played to it. So when done our audio matched their audio in the video perfectly. All we had to do was turn their audio off and leave ours on. Hope that makes sense as I am getting confused about now :wink:

All the best!

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Over 220 tracks?! :exploding_head: And you made it all sound good. Even more kudos for all the hard work you’ve all put into this. :clap:

Thanks for the tip on how to get started on mixing. :+1:

OMG, I can’t imagine how challenging that would be to edit.

You guys did great.

Yeah they call me crazy mix… I know one thing, Reaper was balking at me for having so many tracks. I have a fast computer with really fast drives. A save was taking 5 full seconds.

Roman is ok, but sadly he says “I am not into music right now”. Bummer!

All the best,

Hey Trevor,
We do it as I always have. Start with a drum track and build it up from there. Just keep adding instrument after instrument and then the vox. Lots of “fun” in-between though!

Hey, you take good care,

Hi Pam, David and LBro,
That was amazing :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:
Good also with that video that went with it that was completely right… although of course I would have preferred to see you 3 :wink:… but what a number of tracks you have to process LBro :flushed: :sweat:,… :sunglasses: :man_bowing:
Greetings to you all three :clap:

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