Nobody But You-Cover by pkboo3, DavidP & LBro

Thanks Mate. Glad you took it in and enjoyed it!

Thanks on the “job”.

I eluded to the tracks being somewhat misleading due to the vertical track takes taken to produce the end result. But to answer your question I took a look at the project and had 226 tracks. There were 26 actual tracks active at final mix out/rendering. There were more in the mix though due to parent folder tracks and sub folders. So maybe in counting those you get up about 35-40. Now I need to clean out the project folder. Doing 25GB projects is insane and eats up a lot of disk space. Most of it was fluff…

All the best and take good care!

You are very correct. Lots and lots of hours in on this one. Good thing I don’t work for a living. Retirement has few virtues. But studio work, projects, playing, singing and all the rest are some perks and they keep one very busy. Sometimes I work harder on the hobby than I ever did working!
All the best!

Awesome work there from you all, well done! That sounds like a massively daunting prospect with the number of tracks!
Congrats :clap:

You guys did awesome on this. Over 200 tracks?! That’s mind blowing and shows your grit! I just started mixing a little and….I have a lot to learn. Ha.

Hey Notter,
Thanks so much for the kind words of appreciation! The track count was not superbad. But I did have a lot of takes and tracks to process, rate and work on. It all came together in the end and was worth it!


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Hi Travis,
Glad you like this one! Don’t really think of it as 200 tracks mixed. More like 150 takes to sift and come up with 25-30 tracks that work! :slight_smile:

All the best to you!

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Great job on this, loving the rhythm.


Bravo! Pam, David and LBro. That was brilliant. Great production too.

It still amazes me how technology makes things like this possible.

Thanks Jeff! Glad this worked out well for you on your end!

Hi Sarge!
Thanks for the kind words and comments!

Technology is on full display on this one. Truly a world wide collaboration was in the making here. The bandmates were top notch and really add to the mix so to speak… LOL

You be well sir and all the best!

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What a wonderful collaboration, guys!
All the instruments and vocals sound delicious.
And everything is perfectly audible in the mix - it’s made smartly!
Thank you for this wonderful cover,

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Hi Leo,
Long time no see dude! Thanks for stopping by and checking this one out! I don’t know what happened to this song as it is near 25k views at YouTube? I normally get 50-100 and am not looking for views mind you… All the comments there are negative, like they thought Plant would show up to sing or something? Strange, the whole deal is.

At any rate I appreciate your comments! You guys are great to collab with and maybe we can do another song one day? My Russian sister in-law loves the Beatles and maybe that is something to look at.

Take good care and stay well,

Wow, what a wonderful and beautiful work from your entire team, I’m unfortunately not familiar with the original, but everything sounds just great in your performance!
My applause!
LBro, give my regards to your sister in-law, the Beatles forever! :slight_smile:


How on earth did I miss this? If it hadn’t have been for @MikeSebastianP posting I would have carried on missing it probably!
Thanks Mike, good to see you back, how’s life treating you?
Anyway yeah this is an amazing cover, I’ve always been a big fan of Gwen Steffani, she’s got some pipes!
I think you’ve done a really good job with the mix and everyone did a great job performing, you guys rock :metal:t2:

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Hi Darrell, I’m glad to see you too! Thank you, I’m fine, I hope you are too!
Best wishes to you!

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Im good thanks, out of interest, I’ve gone and got a Bass, it’s in a thread “Happy NBD”, it’s fun playing with a 34 inch scale length :joy:

Thanks Leo for the listen and feedback! Much appreciated from this end!

You take good care!

Hi Mike,
The song is pretty new and not a rocker, so it is easy to miss. I will let the SIL know your kind words for her. She lives in Moscow!


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Hope to hear that new bass soon on a post Darrell!

All the best,

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