Noodling Around in G

I was just sitting practicing strumming patterns, scales and riffs just on the elec no amp and in the the G Maj Pattern 1 taught in Mod 1 I found this​:scream: and correct or not I’m not sure but familiar ?? :thinking::scream:. (Not that I’m a fan of thier music) (Or the bum note right at the beginning​:astonished:)


Oh so satisfying to stumble over familiar riffs :laughing:


A satisfying riff indeed! :smiley:
My one piece of advice with an electric guitar is don’t practise without an amp. It’s all too easy to accidentally mute strings or get unwanted string noise that will go unnoticed until you plug in.

Cheers Gordon, hadn’t really considered that aspect. Pretty soon I’ll have a dedicated music room so it will all be setup permanently :+1:

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I hadn’t thought of this either but I commonly do play unplugged electric after the rest of the house has gone to bed for the night… I don’t always want to go through the process of plugging everything in for 5-10 minutes of practice…. Good thought, Gordon!


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I’d just like to add a couple of points here if I may;.

An electric is, obviously, designed to plugged in. Plus you’ll learn to control noise, volume, attack etc, etc, and you’re learning about your amp etc.

However, don’t be afraid to practice/noodle/experiment unplugged.

For one, it can illuminate technique issues that can be somewhat masked by the many effects that amps etc offer.
Also, logistics often means that playing unplugged is sometimes warranted. And, if its the difference between picking that guitar up or not, play it unplugged.

Some say it can promote a heavy handed attack due to the lack of volume. I’ve found the opposite to be true; promoting a lighter touch and a shallower pick depth.

I always do my 1 hr structured practice plugged in, but often play/experiment noodle/ practice unplugged daily.

Cheers, Shane


Have you tried a headphone amp? Battery operated, can be purchased from under a tenner up to silly money, plug into your guitar, plug headphones in, away you go.

Hey Ian,
No I’ve never tried one, have you? Looks like a great “Stocking Stuffer” to add to my Christmas :christmas_tree: List for Santa :santa:t2: to bring!!!
Let me know if you have one & if so, how you like it…
Thanks for fueling my :fuelpump: GAS :fuelpump:!!!


I have this one and I love it, you can dial the gain down to achieve a tone that’s clean enough for practicing (i.e. doesn’t cover up your mistakes with distortion) and you can dial it up again and have lots of fun. I don’t think you can beat it for the price, but if you want this particular model I wouldn’t hang around as Nux have brought out a new model that’s much more expensive and the GP-1 looks like it might be in short supply.