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what BPM should the metronome be set to at ‘full speed’

I have struggled with this as well. I use Justin’s metronome app and I do find it confusing to set the bpm in 6/8 or other times.
I think, and this is just my thinking, that if you set the metronome to 6/8 and the bpm to 2/3 of your goal you will be about there. I figured this out some time ago when “Norwegian Wood” was actually on the song app.

My recollection, and I could be wrong, was the song was about 96 bpm, and setting the metronome app to 64 was about right.

I need help with the D/F# at 5:55. I can’t do it any way. If I leave the fourth finger on the D, I can’t get my thumb over to hit low E and I can’t reach up to do it with my first finger and keep my other fingers on B and high E. The best I can manage is first on low E, fourth on D, and second or third on B, but it sounds unbelievably crappy.

@MediumFrame Have you done the grade 3 D chord explorer lesson? Some tips in there.

You don’t need to fret the low E string with your thumb. The F# of D/F# in this case is the note you’re fretting with your pinky, i.e. the 4th fret of the D string. Watch how Justin plays it from 6:12 – no thumb involved.

Btw, that reach with the pinky (even without the thumb) is tricky and takes a lot of practice to master.

I agree, it is tough! I have been on this for quite a while and still can’t hold my first finger down on the 3rd string while also hold ing the 4 th finger on the 4th string and not muting the 3rd with it.
In the meantime, I just lift the first finger, but hope to someday improve the reach.
I am, however, noticeably closer to achieving this!

I saw he brought his thumb over and got caught up in agonizing over it instead of just watching the video for 20 more seconds -_- now I’m embarrassed

It’s still a stretch and I can’t really keep my second finger on e through that part, but at least I can continue. Thanks everyone.

Gosh, no need for that! Easy mistake to make, especially since D/F# really is usually played with the thumb on the 6th string.

BTW, here’s a lesson dedicated to just this chord:

(hoping the Justin team will not object to this very specific, niche lesson from a fellow guitar teacher!)

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I think linking to an alternate guitar teacher is not kosher, just stick with the D chord explorer lesson I mentioned.


@jkahn , It’s ok to link, as long as it does not duplicate one of Justin’s lessons (for example, another teacher’s video on how to play Wish You We’re Here)

I asked for guidance on the linking policy here, and the mods responded:

That does help, thank you! The alternate fingering in #7 is the one I’m trying to make work

at the very beginning: why is the g-string in the sixth fret played with a hammer on and not directly with a normal pick? Has the hammer on any advantages? The normal pick is definitely easier for me? :wink:

Same challenge with the pinky muting the 3rd string.

Nice video. The advice about hand position seems to be helpful. I’ll try it for a few days with his pratice riff.

Just wondering if it is ok (in theory) to play with drop-D tuning (DADGBE)? It sounds good to me :grinning:. thanks

Welcome to the forum David
Yes you can play almost any song that is in the Key of D in drop D. Norwegian Wood being capo 2 is in the Key of E but uses the Chord shapes of the Key D.