Notes In The First Five Frets

Time to start learning the notes on the guitar fretboard! Let's start with notes in the first five frets :)

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About how long should it take to have these “down”? Just the first five frets, where you can name them from memory pretty quickly.

Also, I downloaded the note trainer app. It’s awesome. One suggestion: it would be nice to limit the active frets, so you can concentrate on the first five (to mirror the lessons) rather than the entire fretboard.

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How long? An unanswerable question really. You should know a good number from the open chords - their roots and other notes. But full and fluent and fast recall may take a little while to build. Not years. Weeks and months.

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Thanks for the reply! I’ve been working on the first three frets in my spare time and am going to build from there. You raise a good point about the open chords - I’ve never taken the time to write out the notes in each one. I’m going to diagram them the next chance I get.

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There are some great “Random Note Picker” websites you can find with a quick Google search that help with these excercises a ton


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