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So, I am struggling with the double flick off part in around the timeframe 2:40. In general I have been struggling with in string pull offs and flick offs. Any resources that might help me practice these skills so that I can play the song better ?

@KunSam You may not think of Metallica as playing folk music … but this may help: Folk Hammer-ons & Flick-offs |

Hope that helps.

Cheers :smiley:

| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide & Approved Teacher

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I like to have the gain cranked for this one, assuming electric guitar. Then play as if you have marsh mallow fingers.

  • Then a pull off only requires the finger to stick a little as it’s coming off the string.
  • The down side is that you then have to be super clean, otherwise you’re going to make an awful racket - but this also can be helpful to your practice :man_shrugging:

(And slow it right down, get the mechanics before worrying about the timing).

Sure. But my concern is that I have a very basic electric guitar rig. My guitar is a Squier Stratocaster with a HSS config. And my amp is Fender frontman 10G. And yeah, cranking the gain all the way up, and reducing the volume on the guitar itself gives a lot of static white noise.

Sounds like a good setup to me.

Always trying to strike a balance between gain and unwanted noise. I don’t turn the volume down, just pick very gently.

Just work on it super slow, or if you feel like it is holding you back, see if you can skip over the lick and substitute with a single note or two.

Good luck, keep at it and it will come.

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Is this supposed to be harder on an acoustic? I really love this song, but the double flick off just doesn’t seem to sound out, my thinnest string just feels too…loose? Ends up bending or not making enough sound at all. I can do normal pull offs and hammer ons tho, it’s just this combo. Any tips?

I played this today the first time with the original record. For me the A minor chords state in chords tab at the end of each chorus sound really wrong To my feeling they must have been E minor chords instead. Please check. thx!

Yeah, he’s definitely playing A in the lesson does this need looked at @Richard_close2u ?

Don’t subscribe for the tabs myself…

I am highly satisfied with your tutorials in general, however, I am sorry to say that in my opinion this is one of the weakest I have seen from you. Without showing your strumming hand it is just a half armed giant.

Marty Schwartz has an excellent NME tutorial. For those, who cannot go on with this, I recommend that one.