Nothing Else Matters, Johnny B. Goode, and Sweet Child Intro Covers

Hey everyone!

First time posting here and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Sean and have been learning guitar with Justin for the past 2 years and am loving it. As I’ve gotten deeper into the grades, I’ve realized how important feedback is and would love any constructive feedback/comments (or hello’s :slight_smile: ) if you have them.

As a part of my goal setting, I am trying to tackle my “dreamer/developer” songs. These are my best 3 takes of playing the songs. Again, any constructive feedback is much appreciated!

Thanks for watching.


Hi Sean , for now I am just going to say hello as I am not an electric player so I would only be doing you a disservice trying to provide you with any constructive feedback. I will say that I watched your 3 videos and they all sounded great and you have developed some really good chops. Keep doing what you are doing as so far it’s pretty impressive! :sunglasses:

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Thanks Sean!
Great playing.

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@seanwright4 they all seem to be coming along nicely and the smirk at the end of Johnny B Goode really says “nailed it!”… nice work :clap: keep it up!

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This shows good progress and promise. Be good to see a full song from start to end which is a challenge to learn in itself.

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Hey Sean, some pretty decent playing there. You can tell you’ve come a long way over the couple of years.

You asked for feedback. I haven’t been playing as long as you so take of it what you will. The only one of those I play is GnR. I reckon you need to let the notes sustain a little longer. This happens if you let you fingers linger behind a bit longer on each note. It makes a big difference on the end of the intro I reckon, as the lick moves around the central note.

Overall some pretty good playing, personally I like watching short videos so well done there.

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Hey Sean,

Coming along nicely mate. Some really good stuff there after only a couple of years. Some observations if I may. Ive been around almost 3 years, so by no means an expert.

Johhny Be Goode. As you know, it’s a very fast tune. Try to stay at the fastest tempo you can without errors. Playing with consistent errors and/ or sloppy technique will slow you down. Frustrating I know, but I’ve found this time and time again when I try to progress too quickly. Work on those sections where you experience consistent problems. Im still only at around 85% with this one, error free, with tempo increases in smaller increments now.

Sweet Child. Your intro sounds a bit ‘harsh’ / ‘sharp’. Its more of a ‘rolling’ sort of note movement, which is what makes it sound so cool.

All the best

Cheers, Shane

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Hi Sean,
:sunglasses: :clap:
The men above have already provided you with good advice…
so I just go for the 'or hello’s ’


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Making good progress, Sean. All sounding like the real thing, so keep on keeping on to work on feel and all the subtleties to get even closer.

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Hey Eddie,

Thanks so much for watching and really appreciate the kind words! I’ll definitely keep at it :slight_smile:

Thanks Rene! Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Haha, thanks! I’ve noticed that I usually look pretty serious when I play, so have been trying to throw some smiles in there :wink:

Thanks for watching and the feedback!

Hey Peter,

Thanks for the kind words. Definitely working on playing/learning all three of these songs from start to finish. My end of year goal is to play Sweet Child all the way through with solo’s and everything. But starting slow and learning in chunks for the moment. Will definitely post the full song once I have it in a good place.

Hey JK,

Thanks so much for watching and the constructive feedback, I really appreciate it. I definitely agree with your note and something I’ll work on. When I listen to the original recording the sustain feels so smooth going from one note to the next, definitely something I want to nail down. Thanks again!

Hey Shane,

Really appreciate the thoughtful and constructive feedback!

Johnny B. Goode is definitely one that I find myself needing to go black and practice at a slower tempo when I start making errors. The ending in particular is one part that I find to be inconsistent. The frustrating part can be trying to find the tempo in between where I play it perfectly and the tempo where errors start. But definitely want to practice it perfectly, so will focus on that.

And thanks for the note on Sweet Child, agree that it needs to be more smooth and not so harsh. Really like you term of a “rolling note movement,” think that’s a great way to describe what I hear when I listen to the record.

Thanks again!


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Hey Roger,

Thanks for saying hello and watching!



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Thanks David!

Really appreciate you watching and providing feedback! Sounding like the real thing is definitely what I’m after and those subtleties are definitely what make the difference. The feel is also something that I’m really trying to tap into as well (which actually gets kinda hard when you hit the red record button and the nerves set in lol).

Thank again for the feedback and will continue to listen and really dig into those nuances.

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Hi Sean, good to meet you and what a set of videos to introduce yourself with! All very well played, I’ll take Jonny B as my fave there, you looked like you have yourself a little smile after the very beginning, guessing that’s been a bit of a sticky bit for you! :wink:

Looking forward to more shares from you!

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If it were up to me I’d go for Johnny B Goode

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Hey Mark,

Thanks for watching and the kind words! Haha, yeah the smile was definitely one part relief and one part trying remember to smile more when playing. Definitely looking forward to sharing future progress updates.

Thanks again!

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