Nothing Really Ends - dEUS cover (collab)

Well, this project almost didn’t end :laughing:

I performed a rough and ready version of this at an open mic with Chris last year and decided to do one of my ‘family and friends’ collaborations. I had the bones of the song assembled and was just waiting for my daughter to get back from Germany and convince her to provide some backing vocals. Unfortunately, in the great computer crash of this year I lost all the stems, and the project was shelved :roll_eyes:
Last month, I came across an email with a rough mix of guitar, vox, fiddle, piano and drums that I had sent to the band and decided it was good enough to use. I asked Cousin Lars in Copenhagen to do another guitar solo, got my son Tor to provide a bass line, and I sang some backing vocals on top of the mix.

True to form, I stole the creativity of others for the video (Transfiguration 2020 by Universal Everything)

Music by dEUS (Nothing Really Ends, Pocket Revolution)

Chris Goldring guitar & violin
Lars Larsen (my cousin) guitar solo
Hans Larsen (my brother) drums
Niels Larsen (Hans’ son) piano
Tor Larsen (my son) bass
Me vocals, mix/production


5 Larsens and a Goldring, something Christmassy about that :crazy_face:
Nicely done you lot, great performance and mixing, great stuff :+1::+1::+1:

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Haha, that’s what I wrote on my FB page :laughing:
Cheers mate!

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Family and friends collaboration: very cool!

I like the song. I don’t know exactly why (and this may be a strange comment), but your version makes me feel like it should be playing as part of the soundtrack of the Natural Born Killers film. It has a sense of melancholy and muted menace, to me. I haven’t really listened to the words of the lyrics; that’s purely a feeling I get from the sound of it.


You’re intuitively on the money there, Jason :laughing:
Tom Barman, (the centre of dEUS) studied film in Brussels and has directed a couple of films as well as numerous videos.
The Ideal Crash was the perfect pop (alternative) album of the 90s :smiley:

Hi Brain brians,…
That was a treat,… :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet: :man_bowing: ,
My compliments also to the whole family and friend :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet: :bouquet: :bouquet: :bouquet: :bouquet: ,…a wonderful supper oppressive song with a great almost hypnotic video clip that was absolutely intriguing ,…last picture should have been you in a walking position,… :sunglasses:
But if I could use only one word (thank God I don’t have to :sweat_smile: :laughing:), I’d say AMAZING


Heel erg bedankt mijn vriend :smiley:
But so many positive emoticons… I smell a :rat: :rofl: :mouse_trap:

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no no,…no hooks and eyes here (you probably don’t know that expression,…but it’s positive :sweat_smile:),
and because the winter has started today, you also get a nice and warm… :fire: :fire: :fire:
and no jokes about that either :laughing::smiley: :sunglasses:

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Wow Brian! That just took things to a whole new level! Absolutely incredible,the performances , the video the lot! Congratulations to everyone involved :sunglasses:.

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Yeah that gets a “wow!” - that’s pro level stuff. Congratulations Brian!

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Brian, My friend, say a big hello to your amazing music team, everything sounds just amazing, you are all great fellows!
Thank you for sharing
And yes, I really enjoyed your video!


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Wow! A real team’s job! Congrats on the final product which sounds very good indeed! :clap::clap::clap: to each one of you :blush:

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What a fantastic video Brian, I am still trying to work if I am traumatised or not. I wanted the Yeti to take a bow before the mistletoe envelope him/her/it. Really went well with the moozik.

As to the cover, I remember the OM version very well and not knowing the song really enjoyed that performance. But boy have you done a great job and pulling the clan together and even more impressive, if you spliced this together with mislaid stems. That was a pleasure to listen to sir. Nearls lure KO !!


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You’ve surpassed yourself there Brian, that was terrific. What a collaboration. What a production.
Terrific, just terrific. Well done to all of you.

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That was a really cool production Brian. What a terrific collaboration, well done to you all.

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@Eddie_09 Cheers Eddie
Every now and again it’s good to do something completely different :smiley:

Cheers to you too, Phil :smiley:

@MikeSebastianP Well, we don’t shred it like our Russky friend, but thank you for the listen and like. I’ll pass on the compliments :smiley:

@SILVIA mille grazie. Much appreciated :smiley:

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Ta for the vote of confidence. I’d hate to traumatise anyone, but I’m less worried about you than most :laughing:
It was the stems that went missing. I had one rough mix that I just had to use and add a couple of tracks over. That effectively saved a lot of ‘tweaking’ time as so much was already ‘glued’ together

Anagram? :thinking:
‘something’ rule OK?

@sairfingers Good to have you back on board, my friend :smiley:
Praise indeed! Much appreciated
I’ve already viewed your piece this morning. Will comment later :smiley:

@Socio Cheers, James It really is fun to do these collaborations. (Although they can be time-consuming) :smiley:

@CT Ta for the YT comment, Clint. Much appreciated.
I mentioned to Jason above: Tom Barman (songwriter) studied film before going ‘pop’ :smiley:

I forgot you only had one eye done. nairb :rofl:

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Gotta like the full family band approach. Pretty good mix and well done on instruments. Vox is good too. I keep waiting to hear the violin… All I can make out is possible plucking???

I am working on a cover that has violin in it. I have a granddaughter that can play, but she is hard to meet up with. So I will try a sim…

All the best and be well,

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Super duper in every respect, Brian, glad you could resurrect and refresh this one. You have a great and feel for arrangement and mix, comes through whenever you produce a multi-track project. And an eye for video selection to accompany. Loved it.

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Well sir, your music is must see TV for me. It’s such a cool deal when folks find their own voice on the instrument, which you have done, but it’s also cool to see someone expand and explore what can be done creatively with music and the medium. This was well done all the way around.

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