Notification Changes - What's Does This Button Do?

@SgtColon No, Stefan. We host the Community on a software platform that provides all the basic functionality. Our thinking is that the owners of that platform made some changes that have automatically promulgated onto our site.


Thanks David. I guess we always have to keep moving forward.

I have just had an Admin notification listing several new updates to the software.
This is one on the list.



Richard, are there other Admin notices that you could share?

I’m not sure, but I think some other things have changed as well. For example, a few days ago, I had to reset my default view back to Desktop, after it set the view to Mobile without my asking it to.

Found that easily then…under Preferences, I think. Now I can’t find it at all.

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Richard is right…

So, of course I have zero behind the scenes knowledge but I did look up a while ago how DIscourse works. The community runs Discourse.

Discourse updates automatically when a new release comes out, every few weeks. The community is on version 3.1.0beta4 right now, which came out a few days ago. Yes, it’s beta software so they change things frequently and introduce bugs. Hence mobile view breaking a while ago and now this new icon menu. New features and changes aren’t necessarily bad.

There is a “stable” option for Discourse, which only updates every few months. The discourse team recommend using the beta releases, though.

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Thanks, @jkahn! Being able to see this kind of notice will take a lot of the sting out of changes to the Community site.

I’ve created a Discourse account. They made it extremely easy to do, using my Apple ID…only took a few seconds.

Thanks for the explanation.

Have to admit I have mixed feelings about being a beta tester on this site… Which is my most commonly visited webpage… by far.

Maybe we’d be better off using the stable version? And announcing to the user base when a new version is rolled out, so we know what to expect?

Guys and girls.

This thread really disappoints me. I’m trying to not to let my grumpy side out here…

We work really hard to give you guys a great experience here. We’re a small team and we don’t have time to consult the community on things like upgrades - we just don’t. And for sure we’re too busy to piss about with things that are not absolutely needed. And we have no control over some of the forum updates, we’re at the mercy of discourse sometimes.

Many of these comments ain’t helpful - they upset people in my team who work bloody hard to keep this thing running smoothly… and that’s not cool.

Nothing to get wound up about at all, if the biggest concern in your life is some unexpected icons to get upset about, then you have a wonderful life…

Vent over, I have videos to make.


Justin, sincere apologies that my comments have upset you and the team.

Was trying to help, but obviously I need to rethink my approach.

Can I also just chip in with this.
I think the new separated notification icons are great.
I get dozens and dozens of notifications per day and then more on top.
Being able to see separately which are replies, which are tags, which are likes etc. is great imho.



Yeah, but what does it do? :thinking: :rofl:

absolutely, now replies and tags won’t get buried in the notifications from the system and those generated when posts are moved to tidy up the house. It is a bit more clearer when you look at it from the computer rather than tablet/phone as it tells you what the symbols are when you hover over them.

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This thread all comes down to how we react to change I guess: Either we resist it and fear we’re losing out, or we embrace it in the belief that it may lead to something better, (as you have shown us Richard). There is a fun short video about this called “Who moved my cheese: Animated summary”. Not wanting to plug it but it this thread just so reminded me of it and I thought some may enjoy it.

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Well said Justin.

It amazes me that there are people in this Community who actually WANT to read the release notes for the software that runs their guitar forum.

The words “get a life” don’t even come close to expressing my view.

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Hi Chris,
This thread is a good reminder of what can go wrong on many social media sites where folk get drawn in to disagreements about minutiae and the big picture can get lost :thinking:
The OP (Toby) is one of our longest-serving members here and cares passionately about the JG community (possibly too much :rofl:), contributing more than any other non-team member. He seems to have a good handle on life in general but has a background in IT, so it’s perfectly reasonable that he takes an interest in ‘what’s under the hood’ as opposed to folk like me who simply want to know ‘how fast does it go?’ I’m not sure there’s much to gain by the rest of us piling in after Justin made his point (even though I was the first to do so!)
On a more interesting note, I see you live in Melbourne :smiley:
I just discovered this artist the other day and see he’s playing a free gig at the Tramway in North Fitzroy today :open_mouth: I’d kill to go
Cheers, Brian


@brianlarsen thank you for the call out, the OP was a geniune question purely out of interest. My bad was getting sucked into the later negativy after trying to inject some humour. I should know better and subsequent comments were not a jab at Justin and the team, especially as Lieven had made reference to it likely to have been a Discourse change, over which they have no control. Also comments in general about changes for changes sake, which dogged my IT life, are often an unnecessary pita - not this time !!

The new feature is actually darned good but I didn’t expect my simple question to have quite such a reaction. Maybe time to put this one to bed and lock it down ?? One for the mods ?? @LievenDV @Richard_close2u @DavidP

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I should add, in respect of looking under the hood. Noope you can keep your project plans and release notes. I’ll happily take a helicopter view and that post by JK was enough to see what was being enhanced. You can keep your code thank you. :+1:

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Good call Toby, time to draw a line and say ‘move on, nothing more to see here’