Notification emails

When people reply to your post or use your @name, quote you etc. you get a notification that is indicated on your username icon in the top right of the screen. That’s great.

Why do you also get an email. My inbox is cluttered with unnecessary emails that I have to delete because I’ve already had the notifications ‘on site’.

Is there a way to stop the emails and still get the ‘on site’ notifications?

Hi Gordon, if you go to the account menu, select preferences, then select emails. You can adjust the settings there for the various email notifications.

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Brilliant! Thanks a lot James.
Btw I tried to post this as a targeted reply and it didn’t work!
Targeted Replies

@sairfingers hopefully that worked for you mate.

Yeah, the targeted reply seems a bit fiddly, maybe when you respond in that manner I get a notification whereas if you respond in general I do not?

Yes I think that’s the whole point of it.
And the targeted reply failed again despite your icon being shown in the box above.

Now I am trying a targetted reply, @sairfingers, even though I have nothing to add to resolving the matter of email notifications.

Worked fine by clicking this reply button …

Not this one at the end of the Topic …


Perhaps it the case that the person who starts a topic can’t make targeted replies. Your icon is in the box on top of this reply as I type it.
And this time it’s worked. And yes I’ve been using the little reply arrow you’ve highlighted.

Edit. So that theory can’t be the case! Mystery!

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Now that I’ve turned off the email notifications and only have the ‘on site’ notifications, I’m going to set up suitable notification settings for the people I know and want to follow.

I realise this is not in the spirit of being welcoming and inclusive, but at the moment the site is so busy that an hour or two after a topic has been posted, it’s number 39 down the page. That and the fact you can’t tell who the OP is as the most recent reply icon is shown, yes, I’m still going on about that😃.

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