Now and Then Beatles

Has anyone tried this yet, there is a great tutorial at GuitarLessons 365 easy chords too I like this song it has a haunting melody going to add this to my play list.


Yeah tried a few versions, there’s some small difference in the chords they ate using

Been playing with a fingerstyle of it also

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I have played Now and Then a bit. Printed it off Ultimate Guitar.

Feels quite odd to me to learn a recently released Beatles song!

Oooh, nice tutorial :smiley:
I wish I had seen it before I quickly tried to learn the song for my intro to last Saturday’s Open Mic (about a minute in)
I wasn’t too keen on it at first but it grows on me with every listen. I’m now back revisiting Get Back, as well as watching the Abbey Road webcam.
Help! :rofl:

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Get back is a good one with that chunka chunka rhythm i like watching the performance of the beatles on top of the abbey rd studios its on you tube somewhere.