O Come All Ye Faithful - Carol and Chord Exercise

I had to post one additional Christmas carol. I wanted to show the type of dense rich chord progressions that are in a hymn fake book that I got a few years ago. With the fast tempo, I had to leave out a few chords like C#dim7 and Bm and ignore some of the slash chords. I only played one stanza which lasted about 50 seconds and had 49 chord changes to different chords. This took about 2 false starts and 4 takes, but I was able to use the last take even though I had bad muted tone on the C of the D/C chord (new chord) in the last line. I used the light weight Dunlop nylon .38 mm pick for the strumming. I am playing on my Martin 000-MMV (Guitar Center custom model). Forgive the cropped out video as it appears that I moved closer to the music and the camera on each take :slight_smile:

Well here it is:

I got the arrangement from a hymn guitar chord fake book that I had picked up from a religious book store that was going out of business. It was published in 1999 from Abington Press out of Nashville, Tennessee and it looks like they found a guitarist to put their guitar chords in, instead of a computer. Surprisingly, I found that you can still find on Amazon.

Here is a picture of the song and the book cover in case someone needs a good fake book/chord charts for religious songs and hymns to use for a church service, wedding, funeral, etc.

In some cases the book has the regular key for the song and the chords, then a suggested capo position and new chords to put into a guitar friendly key.

After this, I’m back to working on the my Grade 3 song list and the next video will be from that list.


I love the passion you show for the music you perform. Excellent stuff, Steve.

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Christmas carols on guitar are so much fun. Thanks for sharing that


Nicely done,
Enjoyed it and looking for more in 23’.

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Hello Steve, so nicely played and sung. That was really enjoyable :hugs:.
So many chord changes - it looks like a real workout on the fretboard. I’m impressed :clap::+1::smiley:.

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