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What a happy little tune , just getting into it now but keep chuckling because I immediately thought of you Trond @tRONd …this would be a fun one for you,….our happy troebadour :laughing:maybe learn with Brian :see_no_evil:

Sorry, for this useless info but I had to say this :stuck_out_tongue:… oh yes, you demand a tag from me brian when I do a joke or something with your name, so here it is @brianlarsen although I don’t think it’s necessary myself, but for the sake of peace :roll_eyes:


Our Norwegian misery-guts has reverted to lurking back in the dark forests of the North…
My activity has somewhat increased again (although I’m still trying to limit myself :roll_eyes:), so tagging not as necessary now for everything
I’m afraid this ditty falls in the same category as Yellow Submarine for me, something that I would be embarrassed to share with anyone other than maybe my children if they were very small :wink:

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Ha ha okay I’ll throw you out of the tag loop …At the end Justin emphasizes again how you can do this song in different ways…then I thought right…well then Brian can just go crazy on the lyrics and with this cheerful tune just turn it into a jet-black gloomy death tune…I myself have been adjusting lyrics all my life while music is playing and people usually laugh about it, only those lyrics are usually not for under 18 … but my sick mind in this area is starting to cheer up / neater more often to become…
maybe a nice challenge for you…or maybe I’m talking out of my neck right now and you think I’m losing it completely :roll_eyes: :blush:
Ps; of course you are also very busy practicing for YOUR king…Ring for the King :smile:

Haha, I have booked a flight to leave the country just before the so-called ‘coronation’ :roll_eyes:

:scream::joy: :rofl: :joy:
I almost fall over … glad I’m sitting

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Hahahaha!! Its very very tempting to have a go on it Rogier :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Not to worry @tRONd; it’s been taken care of :wink:

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Hi Trond,
But Brian ,maybe Trond can give it a slightly more neat playing :thinking:(time??) and dark vocal edge :grin:…but i can imagine ( no hint no no) if slaughtering a new happy song is of course a bigger challenge…maybe mix up ‘Happy New Year’ with murder and prostitution :see_no_evil:
Nooo, Have a nice day :sunglasses:

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Ok!!! I will check it out during the day… looking forward to it :grin:


Have been looking at my limited sing repertoire over the last few days and thinking what songs I would like to add. I have been aware for a while that I do not have a Beatles songs, which is a serious omission since my musical interest started in the early 60’s with Beatles.
I had already decided on Let it Be and have been looking at this song, perhaps more well known in the UK by Marmalade’s cover version which got to No 1 in the charts. It is a nice sing along and suitable for a campfire. It is extremely unlikely that I will find myself in that situation. However what it has is a bass strum pattern which I have been using on some country songs, so I have decided to give it a go.