Oh, Pretty Woman

I ran across this song last year or so while reviewing some of Justin’s lessons and learned the chords and then used it as a transcription exercise to transcribe the melody. Recently I was reviewing lessons again and ran across it and thought I’d give it (trying to sing and play) a go just because of the challenge in the 12 bars of the outro.
In my last post @DavidP, @Notter and @brianlarsen commented on the drums and guitars levels, so I made a few adjustments to this one and would be interested in your feedback, guys.

Feedback always welcomed.


Well Dave, you certainly channeled your inner Roy Orbison. That was fantastic, particularly enjoyed your growl. I’m absolutely loving these latest classic songs you’re covering. I hope next on the list is little green bag.

Very nicely done. :clap:


Hi Dave, it was excellent, I enjoyed it. Very nicely played and very nice voice!
I also transcribed that melody line some time ago, it was a good ear training at my level and fun activity. :slight_smile:

I thought the guitar level and sound were excellent for that bass line, but it was a bit quiet in the rest of the track, especially if the final product is intended for listening (highlighting) the guitar playing. I would love more mid/treble sound and/or overall volume level to be higher. I am not very experienced with this, so keen to see what others think as well.

Pretty good :grin:

Mercy!! So much good music from back in the day Dave. Terrific version. Well done and I look forward to more classic 60s music from you.

The wonderful productions just keep rolling from the House of Oldhead49!!

Really enjoyed that Dave. I love the Orbison version and naturally the Van Halen cover is worth a listen to. Every element was top drawer.

Mix is always such a subjective deal. I think overall it sounded good, held together. Would my final mix be different, I imagine it would. For better or worse, well that would be a matter of personal taste of the listener.

And love looking at that PRS!

That was fantastic Dave! :clap: :grinning: Loved it :sunflower:

Woohoo! Loved that, Dave! Also: very beautiful guitar you have there!

Way to go, Old Man! :sunglasses:
I’m going to forever be giving little bits of criticism now, in order to get tagged in the latest releases :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
An excellent cover of a great song. Bravo.
I’m so glad you have moved away from the distorted SoundCloud avatar to video where we can see you perform. Adds another dimension.
I’m good with the percussion here. My only ‘next-time-niggle’ is that high-pitched tinkly keyboard thingy that doesn’t float my boat. Apart from that A- :star:
Cool :sunglasses:

HI Dave,
Nice song… great one in fact, in my book. Well played, on guitar and drums. Bass seemed on the money too. Vox was ok. I don’t hear the Larson “twinkie keys” he commented on. It must be out of my bionics range? Maybe he is hearing things these days? :grinning:

Keep up the good work and be well!

Great rendition, Dave! :clap:

One of my all time favorites played and sung very well. Also a round production in total, I really enjoyed the listen thoroughly. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this one, brings back some good memories. :sunglasses:


Echo every word of praise from all the others here. Brilliant.


:star_struck: :heart_eyes: As the emoji’s show, I’m Star Struck and Captivated. I loved your interpretation of this beautiful classic song.

Hi Dave,
Another beautiful performance from you AND where I can see you ,so 3 double points for that, it increases my listening pleasure by much more than 200%, so amazing great WOW :boom: :sunglasses: :clap: :man_bowing: :bouquet:
Thanks ,Rogier

Hi James. Well, inner Roy Orbison?? Yeah, about 3 octaves lower. But I can only go with what I’ve got.
Glad you’re enjoying the covers.
Little Green Bag. That song has a lot going on in it and I don’t think my vox makes it. Maybe an instrumental.
And at about 3:00 they modulate up even higher than the first three minutes.
It’s a very cool song, though.
Thanks for the comments.

Thank you Rachel. I appreciate you taking a listen and commenting.
BTW, love your avatar. Sitting in front of your PC. Is that personal cycle?? Nice.

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Hi, Boris. Thanks for the listen and comments. Yeah, it’s a great song to practice transcription of the melody and for ear training.
As far as the mixing, I probably don’t spend as much time on it as I could/should, but for me it’s more about the learning guitar/playing than all the rest. Plus my hearing deficit makes mixing that much more challenging. Still a lot of fun, though.

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Thanks Alexey. I appreciate you stopping by and taking a listen and commenting.

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Lol, generally I’m sitting in front of my PC, as for the bike, more like wishful thinking.

This is mine

I chose the image because I do ride a Custom Cruiser.