Oh, Pretty Woman

Hi Dave,

That was an amazing performance. I loved the balanced melody and groove you have going here. Thanks for sharing.

Hey, Gordon, Thanks so much. The real challenge on this was to sing and play that riff at the same time in the outro. Somehow maybe I should move away from these oldies. But I like them so much!!

Hi David. Thanks for the kind feedback. Yep, Van Halen is worth listening to, and I have a number of times. So true on the mix stuff. I would venture to say 10 mixes from different people would all sound different.
PRS is still the go to as you can see.

Thanks, Jasmine. Glad you liked it.

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Thanks, Andrew. Glad you liked it. And, yeah, my PRS is a nice guitar.

As they used to say an Oldie but a Goldie. The song ain’t to shabby either. Another top notch job Dave, well done sir !

Well, Mr. Larsen, here we go again with the Old Man??
Thanks for the great feedback; much appreciated.
Well, now that you’ve seen it’s really me “performing”? - just a video of how I normally record - I guess I can go back to SC or BOX
Yeah, that tinkly keyboard is the Dumpster Keyboard, and about the top five keys sound pretty wonky. I guess I should have run it through a MIDI.

Hey, LB, you don’t hear those??? Wow! Maybe they are out of range. The old dumpster keyboard at its worst. Or, @brianlarsen Mr. Larsen is getting a bit older, you know. Thanks for the listen. I appreciate the feedback.

Lisa, Thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed it. It brings back memories for me, too - some good, some not so good.

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Thanks a lot, Brian. I appreciate you taking a listen and dropping that nice feedback.

Pam, that’s so sweet. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks a bunch.

Thanks, Roger. Glad you enjoyed it. And, wow, 3 double points for being on camera? Is that worth a cappuccino?? :joy:

SWEEEEEET!!! Thanks for sharing that.

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Sounded great and matched well with your vocal range.
I can just hear that sound with a lot of like tunes. Keep’em coming.

Hi Dave! Beautiful song, I saw this movie not too long ago :slight_smile: Excellent guitar playing and vocals!


Fantastic Dave and great vocals. I am with the others above re the growl! Love it!!!

Thank you, Jeff. I appreciate you taking a listen and dropping that feedback. My apology for the delayed response.

Thanks, Toby. I do appreciate you taking a listen and for the feedback. And sorry for the late response to you.

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Hi, Mike. Thanks for stopping by for a listen. And thanks for the nice feedback. I appreciate it.

Hi, Mike. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen the movie. I’ll have to round that up on evening. Thanks for feedback.