Okie From Muskogee - Cover by Batwoman & LBro

This classic Merle Haggard song is as old school USA Americana as it gets…

This cover came together due to @J.W.C giving a list of bands he would like to see me cover. This song was the first I ran into that looked doable and had potential. I hope he likes it and you do as well.

Batwoman helped out on the backing vocals and did a nice job I think.

You can view the video here:

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I am truly enjoying this production.
The video is lovely, and the singing and harmony is sooo nice!!!
Thank for this beauty!

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@Lbro and @batwoman A top-drawer performance and production and video for this one. Nice guitar sounds and vocals.
I see I’m not the only one who suffers from OCD :rofl:

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Heck, yeah, awesome cover! You both did a great job. :slight_smile:

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Sounded great. I don’t know the song or artist, I guess this is country music?

Your production skills are quite impressive the way you put these together.

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Great cover peeps. I frequently go back and listen to the original on the soundtrack of the movie Platoon - some great tracks on that album. Well played and the vocals fitted together like and old glove. Super stuff.

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What a great production! Cool song, amazing voices and guitar playing! Very professionel. I really enjoyed listening!

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Another top-drawer production and performance from WWM. I really enjoyed that, you totally nailed the late 60s anti Vietnam country sound of that classic song.
Great idea to get (@batwoman) Maggie involved too. The female backing vocal was the cherry on top of that country pie.
Terrific stuff. Well done you two!


Hi Rene,
I am glad this one was king to your ears! You are welcome for the treat!

Be well and take care,

Love it, I remember seeing a video with those pair doing this when Willie came on stage and Merle took his hat off to him and playing continued until Willie had got the Willie special into gear!
Your cover was really cool, the backing vocals certainly put the icing on the cake!
Great stuff LB, keep them coming, yeehaaaa :sunglasses:

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Thanks OH and nice to see you out and about! You comments are well received and appreciated!

Take good care,

Hello LBro and Maggie,
What a great song again :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:and you`r an amazing man LBro :man_bowing: . And I can say that the last part in particular surprised me very pleasantly, I was waiting to see/hear where SHE jumped in, but as befits a real Diva she came to the very last part :laughing: and made my ears prick up full of fun and absolute delight,Thanks you both this morning and a special x :clap: for @batwoman


Really enjoyed listening this, it brought back many memories. You two did a fantastic job, keep it up!


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Yes! Merle Haggard was a country music giant. I’m not really into country music, but Merle Haggard is a favorite. I actually don’t think this was one of his best songs, by any stretch (loved the performance above, though!). Check out “Sing Me Back Home” or “Workingman’s Blues” or “Mama Tried” (this last one made pretty famous by the Grateful Dead).

Holdin’ hands and pitching’ “woo”, LOL!

I like the little change around 1:37. What was that? Was it change of key or just dropping so many tones?

@batwoman has lovely vocals. The soprano female voice really popped. Great job, Maggie!

Excellent, LBro. I loved it!

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Hey JW,
Glad you liked this one… Hope to have you in on a future collab soon. Keep up the good vibe and be well!

Hi JK,
This song came out in 1969 during the Nam war and is country for sure. Merle was really upset at the hippies and those disrespectful of the country and those dying in the war for their freedom. So he did this song and you can sure tell where he is coming from. It charted number 1 for a month and was one of his more popular songs. Though some will look at other songs he did and call them better?

Thanks on the production skills. That is what I really like to do as my hobby. I have had the opportunity to learn from the likes of Roman and Scooter Trash. Both of whom were excellent producers and mix guys… Maybe some of that wore off on me. :slight_smile:

All the best to you and be well!

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And yet, Hag’s opinion of his most popular song changed later in life:

That comes from this interesting article about the complex man that Merle Haggard was:

Warning: contains some politics. Proceed with caution.

Almost enjoy your videos as much as your songs LB! Great song and performance both.

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Hi Toby,
Thanks for shaking this one down and taking it for a ride dude! Glad the vox was a decent deal on your end. Lots of tracks and time spent there my friend!

Hey, summer is around the corner. Time to get you bike road ready and in no time you will be flying down the road!

All the best to you!