Old and dry 1964 nylon string Epiphone

Scott here. Is this the place?
I bid and won a 1964 Epiphone nylon string accoustic. It is very dried out. I can feel the edges of the frets. In the old case was a little plastic cup with holes in the lid and sort of stone material inside. Is this a good way to hydrate. I have aded a little water to it and a few times and closed it all up, but it hasn’t really made a noticeable difference.

Nice win! Pictures would be fun.
What I have read and done, to rehydrate a guitar, is to take the entire guitar and put it in a large enough plastic bag, like a big yard garbage bag. With it, put in a bowl of water (make sure it is in a location it won’t get jostled!). Leave it for a few weeks. That should be adequate. It needs to be fully sealed for a while, just a something in the box, even in a case, isn’t likely good enough.
You may never get the fret ends to smooth out again with just rehydration. They can be filed down easily.

Thank you, I will give that a try.

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